Best way to select the right Molded Case Circuit Breaker

19th Nov 2023

A molder case circuit breaker (MCBB) is a safety device designed to protect electrical systems from excessive current. It derives its name from the molded case housing used to cover it. This molded case offers better protection against environmental and other physical hazards that may damage it.

It does this by disconnecting the circuit from the power source whenever abnormalities are detected.

It is available in a wide range of current ratings, typically from 15 amps to 2500 amps, making it suitable for both low and high-power applications. However, it is typically used for commercial and industrial applications due to its ability to handle higher levels of current.

Advantages of using an MCCB

  1. Enhanced safety

MCCBs offer essential safety features such as thermal overload protection and short-circuit protection to prevent accidents or damage to the system.

  • More flexibility

MCCBs have adjustable tripping characteristics, allowing more flexibility in their response to short circuits or overload. Having this flexibility ensures they are able to respond to fault conditions optimally. This helps prevent both unwanted tripping and downtime.

  • Greater capacity

MCCBs are capable of handling higher current ratings. This makes them suitable for larger applications such as commercial or industrial settings.

  • Durability

MCCBs are made of molded plastics or metal which provides good mechanical protection against environmental hazards such as rain, wind, or dust.

  • Compact design

The components of an MCCB are well integrated inside their molded case giving them a compact shape. This leads to an efficient utilization of space which is vital for cramped areas.

Key considerations in choosing an MCCB

  1. Current rating

Typically expressed in amperes (A), the current rating indicates the maximum amount of current a breaker can handle without tripping or overheating. This is a crucial factor in choosing an MCCB since having an inappropriate MCCB current rating may damage your system or cause an accident.

  • Breaking Capacity (Icu)

Breaking capacity is the maximum amount of fault current, the current during a short circuit or fault condition, the circuit breaker can safely interrupt without getting damaged. It is important for this to match your system’s power level to ensure safety.

  • Operating voltage

There are three things pertaining to voltage that must be considered when choosing an MCCB. First is the system voltage. The next one is the rated operation voltage or the amount of voltage the MCCB is designed to function optimally. The last one is the insulation voltage which is the amount of voltage the MCCB can withstand without its parts breaking down.

  • Status indicator

Status indicators visually indicate the condition of MCCBs. They are crucial to have enhanced monitoring and quick troubleshooting of your system.

An MCCB is an essential component for the safety of your electrical system. It is important to understand the most important factors to consider so you can choose the best one for your system.

The TOSUNlux TSM8 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker has a dual rotary contact structure and an energy release system that ensures stable and reliable protection and has excellent current-limiting characteristics. Its transparent aluminum cover makes it durable against harsh environmental elements such as wind, dust, andrain.

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