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Get precise, reliable timing automation for any application with our full range of heavy-duty mechanical timers. Contact our experts today for a customized solution to meet your specific timing durations, electrical loads, environments, and functionality needs.

Timer TS-GM1

TOSUNlux Mechanical Timer

TOSUNlux offers a full range of mechanical timers for controlling electrical loads, including our Timer TUL180A and Timer TS-GM1 models. Timer TUL180A adds lower wiring and indicator lights to the original upper wiring method, and is upgraded to two buckles, which facilitates the installation of mechanical timers on the distribution cabinet more convenient and quick.

These pinwheel timers allow timed switching of lighting, motors, heaters, and more- with an accuracy of +/- 3 seconds. They feature tool-free mounting, manual override switches, multiple timing ranges, and heavy-duty construction to deliver reliable automation and energy savings across commercial/industrial applications.

TOSUNlux 24 Hour Mechanical Timer Switch

Take a look at TOSUNlux 24 hour mechanical timer switch collection. 

Timer TUL180N

Timer TUL180N

add indicator light; Protection Degree:IP20 as per IEC/EN60730

Timer TUL180A

no indicator light; Auxiliary Power Supply:AC100-240V 50/60HZ

Timer TS-GM1

Timer TS-GM1

24hours programs; rated voltage:85-250VAC; rated current:16A

Timer TUL181h

Timer TUL181h

24hours programs; Coil voltage:100VAC, 230VAC

Timer 181d

Timer TUL181d

24hours programs; Coil Voltage:100VAC, 230VAC

Timer TS-GM1N

add indicator light; upgraded to two buckles

Your Reliable Mechanical Timer Supplier

TOSUNlux delivers versatile and rugged mechanical timers built to handle tough timing tasks. Key advantages include:

Superior Reliability

Precision pinwheels, switches, and housing materials withstand 100,000+ cycles in harsh conditions.

Easy Installation & Operation

Convenient manual dials/overrides, universal mounting, and color-coded wiring reduce install time.

Range of Control Options

Our diverse timing portfolio controls anything from lighting sequences to HVAC cycles with flexibility.

Customization Available

We tailor timers for specialized applications regarding voltage, loads and functionality.

Global Approvals for Any Market

Certifications from IEC, IECEE, Intertek, and more enable worldwide use.

Expert Support

Our engineers help select the right timer and options for your application needs.

About TOSUNlux

TOSUNlux is an experienced OEM/ODM timer manufacturer serving industries worldwide with a broad range of electronic and mechanical timing relays since 1994. Product categories include programmable timers, countdown timers, repeat cycle timers, mechanical pin timer, and more. 

TOSUNlux utilizes advanced production equipment for high-precision components molded in-house with quality inspection at every stage. Their professional R&D team can customize timing products to meet specific application requirements.

Quality and Certification

We’re Here To
All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about TOSUNlux Mechanical Timers

24 hour mechanical timer switches can switch motors, lights, heaters, pumps and more on/off based on timed intervals ranging from seconds to days. Common applications include controlling building lighting, irrigation systems, HVAC equipment, industrial ovens, security lights, and many more. Their versatility makes them one of the most widely used types of timer.

For outdoor environments, we recommend the TOSUNlux Weatherproof Timer Enclosure alongside any of our mechanical timers. This IP65-rated enclosure shields outdoor mechanical timer from dust, moisture, and impacts, enabling reliable automation of exterior lighting, pumps, seasonal displays, and other outdoor electrical loads.

TOSUNlux mechanical timers utilize precision pinwheels, heavy-duty switches, and shock-resistant housing materials chosen for exceptional endurance in punishing conditions. Rigorous life-cycle testing through 100,000+ cycles ensures each timer will maintain accuracy over decades of hot/cold temperature shifts, vibrations, dirt, and more.

Our engineers will recommend the right TOSUNlux mechanical timer once we understand your timing durations, load details, environmental conditions, and any special requirements. We offer over 500 timing products with unique features across a wide control range – from fractions of seconds up to weekly intervals. This flexibility lets us match virtually any application.

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TOSUNlux mechanical timers enhance automation and energy savings across numerous industries, including:

Control process equipment, motors, HVAC systems, lighting, and more to optimize energy usage based on production schedules. Popular for machine cycles from seconds to hours.

Program lighting, displays, signage, and seasonal elements to suit occupancy/business hours for both energy savings and ambiance.

Automate porch lights, holiday displays, pet doors, and other household functions for security, convenience, and savings.

Reliably automate watering schedules for lawns, gardens, and agricultural applications with timed daily/weekly cycles.

Manage exterior lighting, pumps, gates, and other dock equipment through timers optimized for marine environments.

Optimize filtration and heating based on pool usage patterns to reduce energy costs.

Control lighting and motors to attract attention to signage, billboards, and displays with enticing cycles.

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We Help Your Business to Connect and Grow on Large Scale

TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

How To Select the Right Mechanical Timer for Your Application

Mechanical timers provide reliable, affordable automation for all types of electrical loads. But with varied control durations and features between models, how do you pick the right timer? By understanding your key requirements:

Desired Timing Duration

Mechanical timers can switch loads from fractions of seconds up to weekly intervals. First, determine your ideal timing duration. Common examples:

  • Outdoor lighting: Dusk-to-dawn (10-14 hours)
  • Irrigation systems: Up to 4 times per day (12-24 hours)
  • HVAC cycles: Occupied vs unoccupied (15-30 minutes)
  • Machine cycles: Seconds to minutes (0-60 minutes)

Load Type & Electrical Rating

Next, identify your load type (lights, motor, heater, etc.) and its amp/voltage rating to pick a timer rated for that electrical load. Safety margins are key – a timer must handle peak surge currents.

Environment & Enclosure

For outdoor/wet applications, pick timers are rated for wide operating temperatures with moisture-resistant enclosures or external protective housings. Indoor timers just need to match expected ambient conditions.

Special Functionality

Finally, determine if you need any special functions. For example, exterior lighting timers should have daylight savings adjustments and random “security” modes. Timers switching motors benefit from inrush surge protection and maximum run timers.

With key criteria defined, a TOSUNlux mechanical timer expert can recommend the optimal model and customization options to fulfill your automation needs. This ensures reliable, trouble-free timing over years of service.

Contact TOSUNlux today to select the right mechanical timer for your application!

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