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Discover our extensive range of changeover switches for seamless transitions across dual power sources.

TOSUNlux Changeover Switches

TOSUNlux offers a versatile selection of manual, automatic, single-phase, and three-phase changeover switches for reliable switching between main and backup power. Our universal changeover switch ensures continuous uptime and smooth transitions to give you peace of mind.
TOSUNlux provides a complete range of changeover switches to suit various applications. Our portfolio includes: CA10 universal changeover switch – Compact automatic transfer switches with space-saving “back-to-back” design. And, EP Series – Economical manual transfer switches for simple dual-power switching.

Changeover Switches Whloesale

Take a look at TOSUNlux Changeover Switches collection. 

CA10 Changeover Switch

CA10 Changeover Switch

may also directly control three-phase induction motor;communication’s switch 50Hz, rated voltage 440V

EP Changeover Switch

EP Changeover Switch

Rated Insulation Voltage UI(V):880; Mechanical Life: 60x10^4

LW5 Changeover Switch

LW5 Changeover Switch

Application:Master Control or Direct Control Motor Insulation Voltage (Ui): 500V

D11 Changeover Switch

D11 Changeover Switch

Conventional Heating Current Ith(A): 25A-100A;Available in both front panel and rear panel configurations

Your Reliable Changeover Switch Supplier

TOSUNlux manual changeover switch offers superior reliability from quality components and rigorous testing. Key advantages include:

Superior Reliability from Rigorous Testing

All TOSUNlux changeover switch undergoes over 10,000 power on-off cycle tests to confirm durable performance over decades of switching. This rigorous validation ensures reliable connections.

High Current Ratings & Compact Footprint

Our changeover switch packs substantial ampacity ratings up to 63A in space-saving compact enclosures. The innovative designs withstand heavy utility and generator loads.

Global Safety & EMC Certifications

TOSUNlux invests extensive effort into gaining major international safety, performance, and EMC standards. Certifications like UL, CSA, CE, EAC, etc, validate safety and reliability.

Silver-Plated Contacts Prevent Overheating

Silver-plated copper alloy contacts cleanly carry high currents, prevent overheating, and withstand frequent switching without excessive wear or voltage drop.

Customization Available for Special Needs

While our catalog serves most applications, we customize switches for unique requirements. This includes higher withstand ratings, alarm contacts, network connectivity, or tailored enclosures.

Responsive Technical Experts

Our knowledgeable sales engineers and service team promptly answer questions, provide recommendations, and offer reliable technical support before and after purchase.

About TOSUNlux

TOSUNlux Electric is a leading manufacturer of world-class low-voltage electrical distribution equipment and automation systems. For over 30 years, we have supplied switchgear and controls to customers globally in industries like manufacturing, building, facilities, renewable energy, and more.
Our state-of-the-art production utilizes advanced manufacturing and quality processes. With changeover switches inventory ready for immediate shipment, TOSUNlux delivers exceptional value and quick turnarounds.

Quality and Certification

We’re Here To
All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about TOSUNlux changeover switches

The main types are manual changeover switch, automatic changeover switch, 3 phase changeover switch, 2 pole changeover switch, and higher amperage configurations for larger loads. TOSUNlux offers all these varieties to suit your specific application.

First, determine your critical backup loads and size the switch for at least 125% of that connected load. Also, account for future expansion. Our team can help recommend the right size switch.

Changeover switch and transfer switch serve similar functions but have some key differences. Changeover switches are manually operated electromechanical switches that transition electrical loads between two power sources. Transfer switches are higher-end automatic switchgear that transfers equipment seamlessly between utility and backup generator power for critical systems.

Changeover switches allow safe, reliable switching of lighting, motors, pumps, appliances, machinery and other electrical loads between two input supplies. This enables transitions between main and backup power, primary and secondary power sources, or even different phases. Robust terminals accommodate a wide range of wiring sizes. Changeover operation ensures no dangerous open transition.

Periodic inspection and testing ensure proper operation when needed. For standby systems, test annually. For frequent switching applications, inspect contacts and connections more regularly.

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TOSUNlux changeover switches deliver seamless transitions across dual power sources in:

Ensure power continuity for critical medical equipment and life safety systems when transitioning to backup generators.

Prevent the loss of vital computer systems by quickly connecting to standby power during outages.

Alternate between utility and captive power for production lines requiring high uptime.

Switch solar/wind systems to grid or battery storage during weather changes.

More Reliable Solution To Electric

We Help Your Business to Connect and Grow on Large Scale

TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

How to Maintain Your Changeover Switch for Reliable Performance

Your facility’s changeover switch serves a crucial role – safely transitioning critical systems to backup power when the mains fail. But like other electrical gear, switches need proper care and maintenance to operate dependably when called upon. Here are key maintenance tips for manual and automatic transfer switches:

1. Inspect Annually

Annual inspection spot checks overall condition and function. Examine the enclosure, bolted connections, wiring, and components for damage, looseness, corrosion, dirt/debris accumulation, etc. Fix noted issues immediately to prevent operational problems when needed…

2. Test Functionality

Simulate power loss events to confirm that the switch transitions properly between sources. Check manual switches to ensure the throw mechanism smoothly shifts positions across both poles without sticking or binding…

3. Check Contacts

Inspect switch contacts for discoloration, pitting, and wear. Clean dirty contacts. Replace significantly worn contacts that won’t ensure low-resistance connection under load. Pay particular attention to contacts on frequent switching applications.

4. Lubricate Parts

Apply dielectric grease or lubricants to moving current-carrying parts and components per manufacturer specifications. This prevents corrosion and maintains smooth operation. Avoid getting lubricants on switch contacts or insulation.

5. Test Transfer Time

For automatic transfer switches, use a stopwatch feature on a digital multimeter to test that the time delay from power loss to standby connection stays within specification. Lengthy transfers risk damaging sensitive equipment.

6. Confirm Voltages

Use a multimeter to check that the switch transition properly matches phase rotation and voltage on both the primary and secondary power sources. Mismatched voltages can damage equipment.

By following these maintenance tips, you can catch issues before they cause problems. Keep your changeover switch in top working order for complete reliability when transferring critical loads to backup power.

Don’t hesitate to contact TOSUNlux if you need replacement parts, technical support, or new switchgear recommendations tailored to your application.

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