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Experience flexible, safety-focused electrical distribution with TOSUNlux TSG5-125 Modular Main Switches

TOSUNlux TSG5-125 Modular Main Switch

The TSG5-125 encapsulates everything you want in a modular main switch. This compact, robust unit combines isolating capabilities with enhanced safety features in one integrated package. Its innovative modular design allows easy configuration to meet your specific power distribution needs.
The TSG5-125 excels in applications requiring frequent switching and isolation of electrical loads up to 125A. The switch disconnector function enables load shedding with visible isolation for servicing equipment safely. Meanwhile, the main switch provides overload and short-circuit protection from faults on the supply side.

This product has obtained intertek certification.

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With over 31 years’ experience dedicated to low-voltage electrical distribution products, you can depend on TOSUNlux’s engineering expertise and quality manufacturing. Our CE and CB-certified designs meet all relevant IEC standards.

Innovative, Patented Modular Design

Our patented main switch configurations are unique in the industry. This integrated yet modular approach optimizes convenience, flexibility, and safety for endless customization possibilities.

Diverse Configuration Options

From main isolators to emergency stops, changeover switching, and more – the TSG5-125 series has you covered. Modules can be combined in any layout to create the ideal custom power distribution solution.

Robust Performance and Safety

The TSG5-125’s rugged metal housing provides IP65 ingress protection against dust and liquids. Its double insulation and enclosed contact design enhance operator safety during switching operations.

Cost-Effective, Time-Saving Installation

The main switch’s compact dimensions and ease of wiring save significant cost and labor during installation compared to conventional alternatives. Front access to all components further simplifies maintenance.

Dependable Global Supply and Support

As an international brand, TOSUNlux provides timely delivery backed by localized sales and tech support worldwide. Our broad distributor network ensures reliable product availability.

About TOSUNlux

TOSUNlux is a China-based manufacturer specializing in low-voltage electrical distribution components like Isolating switch, changeover switch, transfer switch, and more. Our innovative product designs integrate the latest safety technologies to optimize performance and protection in industrial control applications globally.

When it comes to cutting-edge low-voltage power distribution products from a trusted supplier, Tosunlux delivers robust solutions backed by over 31 years of specialized manufacturing expertise.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Main Switch

The main switch is the core hub of the home electrical system and plays a vital role. It carries the main power and distributes it to branch circuits for various areas and equipment in the home. At the same time, the main switch is also equipped with safety devices such as circuit breakers and fuses, which can effectively prevent electrical dangerous accidents such as circuit overload and short circuit. The function of the main switch is to introduce power from the grid or generator into the building or equipment, and to cut off the power when needed to protect the equipment or perform maintenance. In short, the main switch is a key component to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the home power system, and is an essential and important power device for every home.

The main switch serves as the core control device in the home power system, regulating the power supply by managing circuit connectivity. When the main switch is open, the circuit closes, allowing continuous power flow from the grid or generator to each electrical device, supplying them with needed energy. Conversely, in the off state, the main switch cuts off the circuit, preventing power flow to the building’s electrical equipment, effectively controlling the power supply. Whether operated manually or automated, its primary function is to ensure circuit safety and efficient power management. In essence, the main switch acts as the “gatekeeper” of power supply, ensuring its safety and reliability in the home power system.

In a three-phase electrical system, the main switch assumes a pivotal role as the central control and distribution hub for power supply. It receives the three-phase power feed from the utility and channels it to the different circuits and loads within the premises. Typically, it incorporates circuit breakers or fuses to safeguard against electrical faults and overloads while providing the ability to fully isolate the three-phase power supply—a crucial safety provision. Ultimately, the main switch guarantees the dependable and secure operation of a three-phase electrical setup.

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The TSG5-125 series delivers unbeatable convenience, protection, and flexibility across diverse low-voltage power distribution scenarios:

  • Industrial Manufacturing: Main isolation and load distribution for machinery control panels and production lines.
  • Building/Residential: Service entrance isolation and branch circuit distribution for commercial and multi-tenant residential units.
  • Municipal/Facilities: Central disconnection capabilities for utilities, water/wastewater treatment plants, greenhouses, and more.
  • Agriculture: Power distribution solutions for farming operations like dairy facilities and grain processing.
  • Renewable Energy: Safe isolation of solar arrays, wind turbines, and other alternative power sources.

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TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

Simplifying Electrical Safety and Maintenance with Modular Main Switches

Electrical systems are the nervous system of any industrial facility or commercial building, distributing power to every connected load. While crucial for operations, these systems also pose potential safety risks if not properly installed and maintained. 

This is where modular power distribution solutions like the TSG5-125 Modular Main Switch from TOSUNlux play a vital role.

The Risks of Conventional Electrical Setups 

In traditional electrical distribution systems, individual components like isolators, circuit breakers, changeover switches, and more are wired together piece-by-piece. While functional, this approach has several drawbacks:

  • Increased Installation Complexity: Integrating many separated components is labor-intensive and risks wiring errors.
  • Maintenance Challenges: Accessing parts for testing or replacement requires significant disassembly work.
  • Limited Customization: Systems are largely fixed once installed, with little flexibility to adapt as needs change.
  • Safety Concerns: Multiple connection points and enclosed live conductors create potential arc flash hazards.

The Modular Switch Difference 

By combining multiple electrical functions into an integrated yet modular unit, the TSG5-125 series solves these pain points. Its innovative design incorporates isolator, master switch and distribution components in a single compact assembly.

This unified approach provides immediate benefits in installation, operation, and safety:

  • Simple Plug-and-Play Setup: The modular switch arrives fully pre-wired and incorporated into an enclosure if desired. Installers just need to make few main connections rather than laboriously wiring each part.
  • Easy Front Access for Service: All components are accessible from the front of the enclosure, eliminating bulky disassembly. Modules can simply be swapped out if needed.
  • Built-In Arc Flash Protection: The enclosed, double-insulated switching design prevents accidental exposure to live conductors during operation.
  • Ultimate Configuration Flexibility: TOSUNlux’s patented modular platform allows combining any arrangement of the isolator, master switch, changeover, and distribution modules as needed.

Centralized Electrical Control 

Perhaps the biggest advantage modular switches provide is the ability to consolidate multiple electrical control functions into a centralized, user-friendly interface. Functions like isolating equipment for lockout, switching between power sources, distributing branch circuits, and more can all be performed from the same integrated enclosure.

With this unified approach to power distribution control, the TSG5-125 series streamlines electrical safety and maintenance work. Facility managers get unparalleled flexibility, simple operation, and maximized uptime. For industrial plants, commercial buildings, utility sites, and more, it’s a modern solution to modern electrical distribution challenges.

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