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We manufacture and supply a wide range of surge protectors to safeguard your electronics from power surges. Invest in reliable protection and ensure your devices stay safe and secure.

TOSUNlux Surge Protectors

Trust TOSUNlux Surge Protectors or say surge protection devices(SPD) for reliable, long-lasting defense against electrical surges. Our wide range of surge protection devices will provide your electronic devices with the highest level of protection. 

Among our best devices is the TSP7 Surge Protector, available in various types: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1P+NPE, and 3P+NPE. The maximum discharge current can reach 60kA, it has obtained INTERTEK certification. The TSP7 Surge Protector safeguards valuable electronics and equipment from damaging power surges in various settings. This advanced protector boasts cutting-edge features like multi-pole configurations, excellent surge suppression, and quick response times. Its robust design ensures maximum protection, prolonging the lifespan of your electronics and minimizing downtime.

TOSUNlux Surge Protector

TOSUNlux offers different models of surge protection devices to meet your needs for safe and reliable solutions.

TSU1 Surge Protector

1P, 3P available

Why Choose TOSUNlux Brand?

There are several reasons to choose TOSUNlux surge protector for your electrical needs:

Advanced Technology

At TOSUNlux, we integrate the latest technological advancements into our Surge Protection Devices, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and enhanced protection against electrical surges.

Different Product Ranges

Choose from a diverse array of surge protectors designed to cater to a wide range of needs and applications, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every scenario.

Quality and Certification

Rest assured, our surge-protecting devices are crafted with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing, holding essential certifications that validate their reliability and adherence to safety standards.

Custom Orders

For unique requirements, we gladly accept custom surge protector orders, tailoring solutions to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Bulk Production

With efficient manufacturing capabilities, we efficiently produce surge-protecting devices in large quantities, fulfilling even the most substantial demands without compromising on quality.

Quality Customer Service

Our commitment to providing exceptional customer support ensures that you receive expert guidance and prompt assistance, resulting in a satisfying experience throughout your journey with TOSUNlux

About TOSUNlux

Established in 1994, TOSUNlux is a world-famous Chinese manufacturer and supplier renowned for its expertise in low-voltage electrical and lighting products. Among those surge protection device manufacturers, TOSUNlux takes pride in providing cutting-edge solutions for seamless electrical control. Our commitment extends to a diverse range of innovative surge-protecting devices, catering to various industrial demands with unwavering dedication.

Quality and Certification

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All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the TOSUNlux Surge Protection Devices (SPDs):

Type 1 SPD: These surge protectors are designed to be permanently linked and installed between the secondary of the service transformer and the line side of the service disconnect overcurrent device (service equipment). They primarily serve to safeguard electrical system insulation levels from external surges brought on by lightning or utility capacitor
Type 2 SPD:  These surge protectors are installed after the main breaker panel or in a sub-panel, protecting one or several circuits from internal surges. They are usually installed within the consumer unit to protect the electrical installation, but different types of SPD are available to protect the installation from other incoming services, such as telephone lines and cable TV

1. Familiarize yourself with the types of SPDs available, such as Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4.
2. Assess the risk of lightning strikes and discharge capacities.
3. Identify the location of the SPD within the electrical distribution and the facility’s geographic location.
4. Determine the maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV), voltage protection rating (VPR), nominal discharge current (In), and short circuit current rating (SCCR) associated with the application.
5. Choose an SPD with an appropriate voltage protection level based on equipment immunity and availability requirements.
6. Consider cascaded SPDs with a proper surge current rating for each location to provide superior suppression for a service panel or critical load.
7. Choose an SPD with a short-circuit current rating (ISCCR) that is not lower than the maximum prospective short-circuit current at the connection points of the SPD assembly.
8. Select an SPD with the right voltage rating to avoid SPD failure.
9. Choose a circuit breaker according to the short circuit current of the building where the SPD is installed.

Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are designed to protect electronic equipment from power surges and line noise interference. They work by limiting transient voltages and diverting surge currents. When a transient voltage occurs on the protected circuit, an SPD limits the transient voltage and diverts the current back to its source or ground. SPDs remain passive until a line voltage exceeds the turn-on voltage of the SPD’s internal components. When that occurs, SPD components become conductive and shunt excess current away from the line, typically to a grounding conductor. The remaining Let-Through Voltage passes downstream along the circuit. SPDs are made up of various components, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Industry standards provide the levels of performance a given SPD must meet, and the class or type defines the application for which an SPD is suited.

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Surge protectors find versatile applications in safeguarding electronic devices across various settings. They protect TVs, computers, and home appliances from power surges in residential environments. In offices, surge-protecting devices shield computers, printers, and networking equipment. Industrial applications involve safeguarding machinery and sensitive electronic instruments. Surge protectors are vital in healthcare facilities to protect medical equipment. Moreover, they play a crucial role in data centers, protecting critical servers and data storage systems. Their ability to prevent damage from electrical surges makes them indispensable in modern-day electronic protection. 

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TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

How to Choose the Right Surge Protection Devices(SPDs)?

In our technologically-driven world, electronic devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones and laptops to home appliances and sophisticated office equipment, our reliance on these devices is undeniable. However, with the ever-increasing prevalence of power surges and electrical fluctuations, protecting these valuable investments has become a crucial concern. This is where surge-protecting devices step in, acting as the first line of defense against unexpected power surges, safeguarding our electronics, and ensuring their longevity. In this article, we will delve into the essential factors to consider when choosing the right surge protector to meet your specific needs.

How to Choose the Right Surge Protector?

Choosing the right surge-protecting device is essential to ensure the safety and longevity of your electronic devices. Here are the key points to consider when making your selection:
·     Surge Protection Rating: Look for surge-protecting devices with a high surge protection rating, measured in joules. A higher rating indicates better protection against powerful surges. Aim for at least 600 joules or higher for basic protection.
·     Clamping Voltage: The clamping voltage represents the threshold at which the surge protector starts diverting excess voltage. Lower clamping voltage indicates better protection. Aim for a clamping voltage of 400 volts or less.
·     Number of Outlets: Assess the number of outlets you need to accommodate all your electronic devices. Ensure there are enough outlets to plug in your equipment without the need for additional power strips.
·     Type of Outlets: Consider the types of outlets offered by the surge-protecting device. Some models provide standard outlets, while others offer USB ports or specialized outlets for specific devices.
·     Response Time: The response time indicates how quickly the surge-protecting devices react to a power surge. Look for models with response times measured in nanoseconds for instantaneous protection.
·     Indicator Lights: Surge protectors with indicator lights provide a visual cue when the protection components are active and if the unit is still functioning correctly.
·     Warranty: Check for a warranty offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period typically indicates a more durable and reliable product.
·     Safety Features: Look for surge-protecting devices with safety features like automatic shutdown or overload protection to prevent electrical fires or damage to your devices.
·     Brand Reputation: Research the reputation of the surge protector brand. Choose reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable and high-quality surge-protecting devices.
·     Building Wiring Quality: In areas with poor electrical wiring, consider adding whole-house surge protection in addition to individual surge-protecting devices for added protection.

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