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TOSUNlux Control Transformer

TOSUNlux’s BK series control transformers are designed for circuits up to 1000V at 50-60Hz and are ideal power sources for control circuits, lighting, signaling and electronic equipment in machine tools and mechanical equipment.

Compliant with international standard, BK series prioritizes safety and clear dimension information ensures easy installation. Their compact design saves space, while multiple power options cater to various needs.

Experience reliable performance and empower your projects with TOSUNlux Control Transformer BK series.

TOSUNlux Control Transformer

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TOSUNlux BK Control Transformer

Control Transformer(BK)

BK series machine tool control transformer is applied as the power supply in the electrical system of the machine tool and other mechanical equipment.

TOSUNlux JBK3 Control Transformer

Control Transformer(JBK3)

JBK3 transformer is the power supply of control circuits, lighting circuits, signal circuits, and electronic equipment. The product complies with IEC60204-1.

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Since 1994, we’ve meticulously tested and certified every product to exceed industry standards, guaranteeing exceptional performance and long-lasting value.

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Rigorous quality control ensures each TOSUNlux meter delivers unmatched safety, reliability, and efficiency. Choose TOSUNlux for peace of mind in your electrical measurements.

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From homes to industrial facilities, we offer a diverse range of low-voltage electrical products, ensuring you find the perfect solution for your specific needs.

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We go beyond simply offering premium products. We provide expert services that help businesses optimize operations and achieve long-term cost savings.

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We cultivate collaborative and reliable relationships with our distributors, fostering a mutually beneficial environment for both TOSUNlux and its partners.

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With over 30 years of experience, we are constantly developing new and innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve and serve our customers better.

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TOSUNlux is a leading supplier of low-voltage electrical equipment and accessories. Our dedicated team of 200 diversely skilled individuals researches, develops, and manufactures innovative electrical products that prioritize safety, compliance, and quality.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our impressive 99% product pass rate and over 30 patents. As a reputable digital meter manufacturer with services reaching over 90 countries and regions worldwide, TOSUNlux is your trusted partner for reliable electrical solutions.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about TOSUNlux Control Transformer

Control transformers are electrical devices that convert a higher voltage AC (Alternating Current) input to a lower voltage AC output. This lower voltage is often safer and more suitable for powering control circuits, lighting circuits, signal circuits, and various electronic equipment. They are crucial in industrial and building automation, communication systems, and more..

Choosing the right control transformer requires considering several key factors: input/output voltage, power rating, physical size, mounting options, and safety features.

Control transformers offer several benefits in various applications. They offer safety, versatility, improved efficiency, and grounding capabilities, further enhancing safety and reducing the risk of electrical noise interference.

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Control Panel Applications

Control transformers ensure a consistent and reliable power supply for robotic arms and other automated machinery, enhancing precision and minimizing operational downtime.

They enable efficient powering of smart lighting systems, allowing for remote control, dimming capabilities, and energy savings in commercial and residential buildings. They also provide safe and stable voltage for powering telecommunication equipment like routers and switches, ensuring reliable data transmission and network uptime.

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TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

What's the Difference Between Control Transformers and Isolation Transformers?

In electrical engineering, both control transformers and isolation transformers play crucial roles in ensuring efficient and safe power distribution. However, despite their similar names, they serve distinct purposes.

Understanding the key differences between these transformers is essential for choosing the right equipment for your specific application.

Control Transformers

Control transformers are primarily used to reduce a higher voltage AC (Alternating Current) input to a lower voltage AC output. This lower voltage output is often safer and more suitable for powering control circuits, lighting circuits, signal circuits, and various electronic equipment. They act as intermediaries between the high-voltage power source and the sensitive low-voltage devices.

The key advantages of control transformers include safety, improved efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

What are the typical applications of control transformers? They are usually used in industrial automation, powering control systems for machinery and manufacturing processes. In building automation, control transformers supply power for lighting control systems, security systems, and other building automation functions.

Control transformers also provide power for low-voltage communication equipment like telephones and intercoms in communication systems and sensors, relays, and controllers in electronic devices.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers, on the other hand, prioritize electrical isolation between the primary (input) and secondary (output) circuits. While they can also step down voltage like control transformers, their primary function is to create a galvanic barrier between the input and output sides. This isolation eliminates any direct current path between the circuits, improving safety and reducing the risk of ground faults and ground loops.

The key advantages of isolation transformers include noise reduction, enhanced safety, and ground fault protection.

Isolation transformers are generally used in medical facilities, powering medical equipment like patient monitors and diagnostic machines for enhanced patient safety and equipment protection.

In IT infrastructure, they supply power to IT equipment in server rooms and data centers to minimize noise interference and ensure data integrity. Control transformers also find applications in audio systems and marine settings.

Choosing the Right Transformer: Your Needs Come First

Both control transformers and isolation transformers offer valuable benefits in different scenarios. Here are some key considerations when making your choice:

  • If safety is paramount, and isolation from the main power line is crucial, an isolation transformer is the better option.
  • If electrical noise reduction is a primary concern for your application, an isolation transformer can be beneficial.
  • Control transformers are often more cost-effective than isolation transformers due to their simpler design.

Understanding the key differences between control transformers and isolation transformers empowers you to make informed decisions for your specific electrical needs.

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