DC Residual Current Circuit Breaker

Basic Information
  1. Model TSL3-63B

Product Description


TSL3-63B is a kind of circuit breaker with complete update of residual currentdetection, based on current type A RCCB. It can not only effectively protect AC and pulsing DC (A type), the possible compound residual current(F type ) , but also smoothing DC and high frequency residual current(1KHz) .In a circuit consisting of rectifier, inverter, frequency inverter, etc, the leakage current caused in DC loop circuit can be effectively detected and protected.


Industry, medical, EV charger, elevator, etc

Conforms to standard

IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN62423

Detection residual current type

AC+A+ smoothing DC +F+ high frequency signal (1K Hz)


Types Values
Rated voltage un 240v ~1P+N, 415V ~3P+N
Rated current in 16A,25A,32A,40A,63A
Rated residual operated current Ian 0.03A, 0.1A, 0.3A
Poles 1P+N, 3P+N
Type of residual current Type B (AC+A+ smoothing DC
+F+ high frequency signal 1K Hz)
Rated limited short circuit current Inc 10000A
Rated making and breaking capacity lm 1000A
Rated residual making and breaking capacitylam 1000A
Rated insulation voltage ui 1P+N:250V 3P+N:500V
Rated impulse withstand voltage uimp 4000v
Electrical life 2000 Times
Mechanical life 10000 Times
Operated ambient temperature ℃ -25~+40
Stored ambient temperature℃ -25~+70
Tightening torque 3N.m
Connection capacity 16mm²
Pollution level 2
Protection level IP20
Mounting type II


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