Electrical Car Charger

Basic Information
  1. Type E5T1132/E5T2132,E5T2332,E5T2232,E5T2432
  2. Rated current 10-32A 
  3. IP grade IP55

Product Description


Type  E5T1132/E5T2132 E5T2332 E5T2232 E5T2432
AC power 1P+N+PE 3P+N+PE 1P+N+PE 2P+N+PE
Power supply voltage AC230~±10% AC400~±10% AC230~±10% AC400~±10%
Rated current 10-32A 
Maximum power 7.4kW 22kW 7.4kW 22kW
Frequency 50-60Hz
Cable length 5m Socket
Sockets/plugs Type1/Type2 Type2
Weight 4.4kg 5.6kg 2.65kg 2.8kg
IP grade IP55
Working temperature -40℃-+45℃
Cooling way natural cooling
Shell color white/black
Flip shell optional
Special function RCMU/DLB/RFID optional 
Installation mode wall(default)/column

Special Function


lf DC leakage occurs during charging process, the charging pile will be disconnected, automatically recovered after eliminating leakage fault without manual operation.The controller will automatically inspect RCMU before every charging process to confirm normal condition of RCMU.


Dynamic load balancing (DLB) type is designed for reasonable usage of household electricity by connecting an external transformer to the charging pile. When the total current volume detected by the transformer exceeds the set current, the charging pile will gradually decrease charging current until the charging pile stops charging. When the total current detected by the transformer is less than the set current after the peak of electricity consumption, the charging pile automatically starts to realize dynamic balancing by selecting suitable current for charging. The charging current of the charging pile is not fixed, varied from 10A to 32A based on actual requirement, which cannot be set.


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