Intelligent Digital Temperature Controller TS-C

Basic Information
  1. Model TS-C100, TS-C400, TS-C700, TS-C900

Product Description


The Intelligent digital temperature controller adopts advanced ASIC chip technology of which is produced in small size and powerfully international. The product is produced according to international standard and use 85-265VAC wide range switching power supply, with multiple installation dimensions. It is compatible with most of the automatic industrial controlling/adjusting instruments in the world in respect of performance specifications, input modes, output functions and installation dimensions, therefore it is the international advanced level.


·Imitate digital filter waves.
·Red and green numerical tubes display pv and sv simultaneously.
·Digital PID adjustment, all data input from panel procedure.
·Function of sensor revising.
·Software control full range from 0, no potentiometer.
·Manual/automatic switchover control without interference.
·Function of second class data lock protection.
·Self-adaptation, self-adjustment.


Model Dimension Cutout Dimension
TS-C100 48x48x108 45×45
TS-C400 48x96x113 45×91
TS-C700 72x72x113 68×68
TS-C900 96x96x113 91×91


Output Mode 0. Without output
1. Relay contact output
2. Solid-state relay driving voltage output
3. 0~10ma current output
4. 4~20ma current output
5. Scr zero trigger signal output
6. Three position output
Input Mode 0. Thermocouple: j. k. e. s
1. Thermal resistance: PT100, CU50
2. Standard voltage: 0~5v
3. Standard current: 0~10ma
4. Standard current: 4~20ma
Alarm Mode 1. Without alarm function
2. Upper absolute value alarm
3. Lower absolute value alarm
4. Upper deviation value alarm
5. Lower deviation value alarm
6. Upper and lower deviation value alarm
7. Upper and lower absolute value alarm

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