Single Wall Mounted Voltage Stabilizer

Basic Information
  1. Model WMV-500VA~WMV-1000VA

Product Description


WMV Single Phase Wall Mounted Voltage Stabilizer consists of auto-transformer, CPU, intelligent control circuit, overload protection circuit, under and over voltage protection circuit, time delay output circuit, LED display and servo motor. When input voltage or load changes, intelligent control circuit will drive servo motor to adjust brush to regulate the output voltage to the rated value. LED display indicates outside network voltage, electric appliance voltage and load usage in real time. Thus the electrical appliances can be used more safely.
The product is featured by its elegant, easy installation with wall mounted and vertical two types, no output waveform distortion, full protections and reliable performance. It is ideal equipment for constant voltage power supply used in household appliances, industrial producing, laboratory and medical hygiene.


 Input voltage 130V~250V 160V~250V
Output voltage 220±3% with 110V+±3%
Phase Single phase
Frequency  50/60Hz
Response time 4 options
Efficiency > 95%
Ambient temperature -5°c~+40°c
Relative humidity < 95%
Waveform distortion Non-lack fidelity in waveform



Model Output power
WMV-500VA 500VA
WMV-1000VA 1000VA
WMV-1500VA 1500VA
WMV-2000VA 2000VA
WMV-3000VA 3000VA
WMV-5000VA 5000VA
WMV-8000VA 8000VA
WMV-10000VA 10000VA
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