Where Are Wiring Ducts Used?

03rd Jan 2024

They’re not noticeable to ordinary eyes, but look closely and you’ll see wiring ducts in many places, especially in commercial and industrial buildings.

They are flat, rectangular, or tubular channel systems used as a pathway for cables and wires. There are many types of wiring ducts and knowing how each type is used will help you determine which one you need.

PVC Wiring Duct

PVC wiring ducts are lightweight which makes them easy to install. Despite being cost-effective, they provide good insulation and resistance to chemicals. You’ll find PVC wiring ducts used for general-purpose cable management.

Metal Wiring Duct

Made of steel or aluminum, metal wiring ducts offer superior protection against physical damage and electromagnetic interference. They are ideal to use in situations that need robust protection such as industrial settings and areas with heavy machinery.

Fiberglass Wiring Duct

Like PVC wiring ducts, fiberglass wiring ducts are also lightweight. But on top of that, they are also durable, non-conductive, and corrosion-resistant. They are suitable for use in places where the cables are exposed to chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Slotted Wiring Duct

Like its name, slotted wiring ducts have slots or “fingers” to make the insertion or removal of cables easier. Because of this feature, they are often used in control panels, distribution boards, and other applications where frequent modifications, additions to the wiring, or flexible cable management are required.

Solid Wall Wiring Duct

Solid wall wiring ducts offer maximum protection and separation between cables. They are commonly used in critical systems such as data centers, telecommunications infrastructure, and other industries where complete cable protection and segregation are required.

Flexible Wiring Duct

Flexible wiring ducts can be made of various materials including metal and PVC. They’re often the go-to duct in applications where cable routing involves bending or curving.

For Easy Cable Management

These types of wiring ducts cater to different industry requirements, environments, and cable management scenarios. Knowing these will help you pick the right wiring duct for your specific needs.

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