The Importance of Distribution Board

28th Apr 2022

The most important function of the electrical distribution board is to ensure the safety of people and property in a building. It is essential to comply with safety standards and to ensure that there is no possibility of accidents involving electricity. 

This board can perform many different tasks, so it is vital to understand its basic functions. The electrical distribution board has multiple functions. It contains various fuses, circuit breakers, and ground leakage protection units. It is also equipped with a residual current detector (RCD), which protects electrical connections from power overloads or common problems. 

Aside from this, it also provides protection against fire and ground fault shock. These functions are just a few of the many uses of the electrical distribution board. It’s crucial that you understand these functions and know how they are used in your building.

If you want to know more about a distribution board and why it is important, follow this article. 

What Is An Electrical Distribution Board?

A distribution board is an important part of a building’s electrical system. It controls how much electricity flows through different circuits and distributes it throughout the structure. The distribution board is also called an electrical panel or panelboard, and every home has one installed. 

These boards are located at the point where the main electrical line enters the building. The size of a distribution box depends on how much electricity comes in and how many circuits need to be controlled.

The majority of distribution boards have a single incoming supply cable that feeds a single or multiple-phase supply. The live feed is then connected to the main breaker or fuse and a residual current detector to protect against fire and ground faults. A multiphase supply typically has several circuit breakers. 

An electrical distribution board is an essential part of any electrical installation. It helps to distribute electrical power evenly throughout different circuits to various consumption points in a building. In most cases, the overall supply comes from an electric network and then comes into the building through one main feeding cable. This cable is connected directly to the electrical distribution board. However, some distribution boards can have more than one supply cable, so it is important to choose the right one for your home.

How Important Is An Electrical Distribution Board?

The importance of an Electrical Distribution Board cannot be overemphasized. Here are some features which make it extremely important for commercial as well as residential areas.

  • Electrical Distribution: It is the heart of an electrical system, which branches out electricity supplying cables and disperses power across secondary circuits. The main purpose of an Electrical Distribution Board is to maintain proper power regulation across all circuits, ensuring that no electrical appliances are damaged due to surges. It is also an important safety component of any home or business establishment, protecting against fires and preventing equipment from becoming damaged due to overcurrent.
  • Electrical Security: The most important part of an Electrical Distribution Board is the RCD, which is a vital safety feature. It stands between the circuit user and an electric shock or catastrophic fire. Therefore, it is very important to have an RCD in your electrical system. The RCD should be rated and tested regularly, and it should never be bypassed. It is very important to investigate the cause of a tripped breaker or blown a fuse before resetting the electrical supply.
  • Contains Circuits and Breakers: A distribution board has a main circuit breaker and multiple mini-circuit breakers. The main circuit breaker cuts off the entire electricity supply, while the mini-circuit breakers control specific areas of a building. The board should contain extensive cabling to protect against electrical shocks and fires, and the RCD must be regularly tested to ensure it works properly. The board must also be protected from corrosion of the wires and fixtures.
  • Even Power Distribution: If you have a commercial or residential building, then it’s important to know how important an electrical distribution board is. This part of the electrical system is responsible for distributing power evenly between different circuits and various consumption points in the building. The electrical power in a building comes from the electrical network. The board feeds the electricity directly from the network. Each circuit is fed by a suitable circuit breaker.
  • Prevents Fire and Hazards: In a commercial building, an electrical distribution board helps to distribute electricity safely. It prevents fires and blackouts by preventing continuous shorts and overloads. It also prevents hazards from electricity by distributing power evenly. This board also helps to avoid electrical hazards by reducing the risk of fire and electric shock. If you have multiple buildings, it’s important to have an electrical distribution board for each one.
  • Essential for Safety: Using an electrical distribution board is essential for safety in any commercial or industrial setting. The board is responsible for safely distributing electricity throughout a building. This prevents fires, overloads, and blackouts. A 15-amp circuit breaker can be installed into a distribution board, limiting the amount of electricity it passes. This also helps minimize the risk of fires and surges, which can occur when there’s a large amount of power.
  • Safe Electrical Distribution: An electrical distribution board is crucial for the safe distribution of electricity throughout a building. Having one means your electrical equipment will function safely throughout the entire building. It also ensures that there won’t be any power surges and other electrical issues. By making sure all wires and fixtures are properly protected, the board can prevent a full-blown blackout. With an electrical distribution board, you can rest assured that all your equipment will operate without any problems.

Safety Tips When Using Distribution Boards

There are many important safety tips that need to be followed when using distribution boards. Whether you are installing them in a vertical or horizontal layout, you must always remember that there are wires that must be properly insulated. 

In addition, you must make sure that the board is well protected from moisture, as this could cause a fire. Another important tip is to make sure that the board has enough space for wires to pass through. You should also choose a board that is easy to install and maintain.

When installing a distribution board, make sure that it meets certain safety requirements. Make sure that it is not placed in areas where water is present and that it is not installed around any fixed cooking appliances. The board should be checked regularly by an electrical expert, and if it is not functioning properly, it should be replaced immediately. 

On top of that, you should wear rubber gloves and other safety equipment. Make sure the power is off before you touch the board. It will help you to stay safe. 

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