The Best 10 Solar Inverter Manufacturers

17th Jun 2024

As solar power’s exponential global growth depends on photovoltaic inverters continuously pushing performance boundaries while reducing costs, we spotlight the top international inverter brands delivering proven quality and field reliability both at home and abroad. From pioneers in Europe to agile Chinese manufacturers, these leading inverter producers supply the advanced electronics needed for next-generation PV systems.

Solar Inverter Manufacturers – Top 10 Picks

Here are 10 of the best solar inverter brands out there:


As a major solar brand from China, TOSUNlux produces high-efficiency solar inverters for residential, commercial, and utility-sector applications. Their advanced central and string inverter portfolio offers extensive customization for specialized power needs, including storage integration.

With intelligent manufacturing driving costs down, TOSUNlux inverters offer robust performance at competitive global pricing. Their wide selection meets certifications like CE, UL, and FCC for safe, reliable operation. For top value from an agile Chinese producer, TOSUNlux is a leader.


As a major solar inverter suppliers from China, Sungrow offers industry-leading central and string PV inverters tailored for large and small-scale solar installations. Their extensive R&D and vertical integration enable optimization of cost, efficiency, and reliability.

Sungrow’s innovative inverter designs leverage features like reactive power control, remote fleet management, and AI-based yield improvement. New storage-integrated inverters also simplify deploying solar+storage systems. With strong customer support and bankable 25-year warranties, Sungrow is a dependable global inverter partner.


Already a global ICT solutions giant[1], Huawei entered the PV sector by leveraging its power electronics and control system expertise to quickly release a competitive line of string and central solar inverters. Signature technologies like natural cooling, multi-MPPT, and cloud management simplify efficiency optimization.

While a relative newcomer, Huawei’s solar inverters have proven bankable performance backed by strong warranties and service infrastructure. The company is committed to continued R&D for next-generation smart PV systems. For a future-ready inverter brand, Huawei checks all the boxes.


As the solar arm of Chinese power electronics company Ginlong Technologies, Solis crafts high-value string and central solar inverters optimized for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. Efficient manufacturing enables premium features and performance at accessible pricing.

Solis leverages R&D insights across over 7GW of inverters deployed to continually advance reliability and intelligence. Their future-proof designs simplify integrating storage and smart grids using plug-and-play connectivity. With competitive quality and cost, Solis makes solar power productivity easy.


Growatt has grown over 15 years into one of the world’s largest solar inverter suppliers, with efficient R&D and manufacturing delivering quality at high volumes. Their extensive line spans string, central, and hybrid inverters, integrating battery storage for grid independence.

With over a million units installed worldwide, Growatt leverages robust field performance data and customer feedback to drive rapid innovations. Their latest models include smart home energy management and vehicle-to-grid connectivity. For feature-rich solar electronics backed by extensive expertise, Growatt excels.


A pioneering solar power firm from Germany, SMA has over 40 years of specialized expertise in optimizing solar inverters for residential and commercial systems. Their high-efficiency designs excel in harsh environments while enabling intelligent monitoring and control.

SMA also leverages collaborative tools like installation configurators, monitoring portals, and fleet analysis software to ease deployment and maintenance. For customers needing proven, customized solar electronics backed by long-term support, SMA is an esteemed partner.

Power Electronics 

As a power electronics conglomerate from Spain, Power Electronics brings over 30 years of industrial process innovation to crafting premium solar inverters. Their ULTRA line offers extensive customization for large-scale solar and storage integration, simplifying end-to-end system design.

Power Electronics also leverages testing and reliability improvements across other products like wind inverters, EV chargers, and grid stabilizers to advance solar capabilities. Their robust yet responsive support provides peace of mind for long-term investments. When bankability and quality matter most, Power Electronics delivers.


A flexible solar power expert from China, Sineng Electric produces specialized power conditioning and conversion systems for distributed renewable applications. Their advanced PV inverter portfolio includes models specifically optimized for shade tolerance, large solar farms, and off-grid solar+storage.

By leveraging vertical capabilities from R&D through manufacturing, Sineng provides customization and quality without premium costs. Their experience tailoring solar systems and hybrid microgrid projects makes Sineng an agile partner for complex needs.


One of the fastest-growing PV brands worldwide, SolarEdge pioneers module-level electronics and power optimization to maximize solar array performance. Their innovative HD Wave inverter technology combats power loss from heat, shade, and dirt buildup for up to 25% more energy.

As an end-to-end solar provider also producing modules and storage, SolarEdge optimizes component synergy while simplifying installs via smart interfaces. For comprehensive solar power productivity enabled by advanced inverter engineering, SolarEdge delivers exceptional value.


Building on almost a century of power electronics expertise, Italy’s Fimer has quickly become a leading global provider of solar inverters. Their comprehensive portfolio includes string, central, and large-scale inverters integrating storage and smart grid capabilities.

As one of the top major solar power inverter suppliers from China, Fimer leverages the latest power control IGBT modules and decentralized intelligence to push inverter efficiency boundaries. Their flexible designs enable seamless integration and monitoring of complex hybrid systems. For future-focused solar power platforms, Fimer empowers possibilities.


With solar racing towards terawatt-scale generation globally, these top solar PV inverter manufacturers supply the intelligent electronics and reliability needed for new milestones in renewable energy. Their manufacturing expertise unlocks greater efficiency and capabilities for each product generation – accelerating solar’s grid takeover. 

For your next solar project, choose advanced yet dependable inverters from leading producers like TOSUNlux to maximize power productivity in the long run.

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