Top Suppliers Of Electrical Circuit Breakers

25th Jan 2022

When it comes to electrical equipment, none wants to take risks. If a sudden fault appears, it can cause serious harm, even death. That’s why we are always searching for the best products. Now the question is, how to select the best device? Most people in this world have zero ideas about electrical equipment So what to do?

Trusting in the brands is the only way out. Buying Branded equipment can assure you about zero faults in devices. So it will reduce the risk of electrical damages. Here in this article, you’ll have some names which are the best manufacturers and suppliers of electrical circuit breakers. Let’s see what those are.

1. ABB Limited

Everywhere, all over the world, people know this name. When it comes to brand, electrical devices, no comparison can be made between ABB Limited and others. The headquarters of the company is in Zurich in Switzerland. Apart from preparing Circuit breakers, it is supplying control products, distribution automation products, cabling systems, wiring Accessories, intelligent homes, and building solutions, and so on.

They have a separate part where they are selling robotic parts, motors, generators, components, and systems. Since 1883, this company has been serving great service. So, if you see the name of the product, you can buy it without any doubts.

2. Alstom SA

Since 1928, this French company has been serving its products to the world. Not only one region, but in Africa, various Asian countries, America, and everywhere it is serving services This company is on a Different Level. It has various parts, circuit breakers, generators, modulators, motors, traction systems, switchgear, and other electrical parts.

But another interesting thing is, it generates several other products regarding the large industry. Those are trams, suburban trains, signaling products, metros, and various locomotives. As it is offering products to both small and large industries, you can build trust in them.

3. General Electric Company

The headquarters of this company is situated in Boston, Massachusetts. Since 1892, this company has been serving oil gas renewals, healthcare devices, aviation, capital segments, and power ingredients. The power segment technical equipment like a turbine, motor, engine, and several other hydropower machines are being made here.

This industry has a strong base compared to many others in the USA now. Though the prime objective of the company is to make devices for the large industry. But the small electrical equipment has the same vibe as the larger ones. You won’t regret the products of General Electric Company.

4. Schurter Holding AG

This company has spread its business to three big continents like Asia, Africa, and America. Since 1933, this company in Switzerland has been making various electronic components. Along with electronics, they are making electrical devices too. Household products, touch screens, touchpads, EMC products, voltage selectors, test jacks and probes, inlets, outlet connectors, distribution units are other devices that are being made here.

5. Sensata Technologies

Since 2006 this company has been ruling the technical field properly. Though the company is making the instruments regarding machinery fields it is famous for producing high quality electrical and electronics equipment.

Solar control, solar devices, thermostat, socket, a sensing device, emergency vehicles, circuit breakers, battery protectors along with the battery itself. Refrigerator trucks, ventilation systems, air conditioners, telecommunication, and semiconductors are often being made by them. They are a part of a large industry. They are masters at making satellites too.

6.Toshiba Corporation

Anyone can trust the products when ‘Made in Japan’ is written on them. The thing is interesting because Japan is a popular country for making electrical and electronics equipment. So many companies are there in Japan. But if you ask for the best, Toshiba corporation is there for you. Since 1875, this company has been serving its products worldwide. Now the headquarters of this company is in Tokyo.

This company is famous for producing large, medium, and small industrial equipment. Like you can have infrastructure systems, printing solutions, ICT solutions, Retailing, power transmission, distribution system, automation, security products, all are being made here. Elevators, escalators, POS systems, and some other products of the medium industry are being offered by them. Lastly, they are offering small industrial products like electrical equipment, circuit breaker, RCD, RCBO, MCB, and others. It is sometimes said that Toshiba has everything to make your life complete.

7. Powell Industry

It is situated in Texas, United States. The United States has improved in Technology and developments from the very beginning of the industrial revolution. Since the 19th century, the industry has started to grow and develop more. Powell Industry is one of the great examples. Since 1947, this brand has been offering valuable, durable, and long-lasting equipment to their customers.

Apart from electrical circuit breakers, it is offering various electronic parts of computers, monitoring devices, light trail traction power, pipelines, terminals, and mining components too. It has spread its business to Spain, Asian countries, Mexico, Central America, and some parts of southern America.

8. Larsen And Toubro

This is the last name on our list. In India, the mechanical and electrical fields are growing exponentially. Due to various reasons, the growth is not rapid. But what they already have is a massive improvement. There is a company named Larsen and Turbo which is situated in Vadodara in India. Since 2012, it has completed various large projects with ultimate perfection. Being a big industry, they know the values of their services.

That’s why they are offering selectively good quality instruments to their customers. Circuit breaker, electrical devices, RCD, RCBO, fuses, inverters, battery, battery protectors, everything has been pushed up. Apart from these, this company is giving further push to the development of certain industries.


TOSUNlux, a company that manufactures low voltage power distribution product equipment, is also one of the leading companies in the lighting industry for over 27 years.

In 1994, Mr. Ronald Lee, the chairman, entered into the field of low voltage electrical and gradually established TOSUN. In the past 27 years, TOSUN has expanded the business and enlarged the network by focusing on the brand TOSUNlux. Today, TOSUN has a professional network combined of several companies and branches for manufacturing, quality inspection, product R&D, brand promotion and international trading.

TOSUN is constantly striving to expand and perfect the product range. Now we have a great variety of electrical products including circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, stabilizers, distribution boards, panel meters and other devices for power distribution and control. Regarding lighting products, there are diverse LED and fluorescent lights for household, commercial and industrial use.


These are the names of some popular brands for circuit breakers. Some other names are there. But if you want to buy the products, then always check whether they belong to any of these. Buy from genuine companies and live a healthy, risk-free life. As these companies are having their branches all over the world, you’ll have their products anywhere.

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