What Is An SMC Junction Box?

08th Feb 2022

SMC or Sheet Molding Compound is a material used in compression molding. It is easily formed into glass fiber reinforced polyester material. This sheet is primarily available in weight 1000 kg. Sometimes these sheets were combined with on-site materials to have greater control over the fillers and chemistry.

SMC is the enforced composite material that is manufactured by dispersing long stands of chopped fibers commonly known as carbon fibers or glass fibers on a bath of thermoset resin. The longer SMC fiber the better and the stronger properties than BMC products. SMC products that are mainly used in the application include electrical corrosion-resistant, automotive structural components at low cost, and transistors.

Advantage of using the SMC method

SMC is more advantages compared to its similar methods. They have a very high volume productive ability and superior reproducibility. The use of the SMC method can minimize industrial scrap. It is also cost-effective as labor requirement is less than its competitors. One of the main advantages of using the SMC method is that it reduced the weight of the product as lower-dimensional requirements, an ability to merge many parts into one.

The same technology is used by the junction box manufacturers to produced boxes for commercial as well as personal use.

Types of junction boxes

There are several SMC junction boxes for a specific purpose

  • Flameproof junction boxes
  • weatherproof junction boxes
  • plastic junction boxes
  • Electric junction boxes
  • Wiring junction boxes
  • Electrical junction boxes
  • Cable junction boxes

SMC junction box electrical application

There is so much advancement in innovation in the electrical sector. We have also remarkably developed our electrical appliances with their utility and convenience. Most of our products for electrical applications are made from compressing molding SMC.

For centuries, these products were made of metals in India. While the whole world was shifting to its substitute, metal conductor but in case of current leakage, it results in electrocution and even death. 

However, with the advent of the SMC junction box, the problem of electrocution is resolved.

Advantage of using SMC junction box in electrical appliances

  • The SMC junction boxes are shock and rust-proof. They are also termite-resistant and rot-proof.
  • You can simply install it outdoor and indoor as it is a 100% all-weather box
  • The appearance of this type of box is also classic and can be capable of entering from the bottom or sides
  • One of the main advantages of the SMC junction box is that they are restrained to illegal tapping.
  • They are fire-resistant as they are combat to high heat temperatures up to 200degrees centigrade. 

SMC junction boxes are mainly used in street lighting, switches sockets, parking gardening lightning, instrumental box, and local control stations. They are mainly provided to the needs of electricians, Municipal Corporation, solar installation, and common departments like railway, PWD, etc

SMC single or three-phase meter boxes

Advantage of using SMC junction boxes in three or single-phase meter boxes

  • These are made up of single piece molding thermosetting plastic
  • As they are 100% tamper-proof they also prevent power theft
  • They are completely shocked and rustproof
  • They provide add a great space for cutouts and meter
  • They are perfectly suitable for indoor-outdoor installation as they are 100% all-weather meter box
  • They are strong and durable on the other hand lightweight and can be concealed in metal hinges
  • They are fitted with the help of mounting screws
  • You can easily use different applications according to your convenience

SMC single or three-phase meter boxes can be used in slum apartment metering. These types of boxes can also be used in industrial commercial and domestic LT.

Advantage of using SMC junction box

  • Free of corrosion… isn’t the junction box add mainly made from high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion rusting or rotting. They are durable as they are resistant to termite attack or any other damage caused by insects. They can tolerate temperatures up to 200 degrees centigrade which made them the best fire-retardant materials without any deformation. They are 100% weatherproof. This makes them one of the best low-maintenance junction boxes compared to their competitors.
  • Shockproof: As they are 100% weatherproof, they are completely shockproof. They can tolerate extreme temperatures, heavy rains, and fluctuating voltage.
  • Quick installation: You can easily install an SMC junction box outdoor or indoor. If you are installing an outdoor junction box, it is recommended to pick the weatherproof option for extra protection. This junction box comes with a front door that allows you to access the interior when required.
  • The design is tamper-proof: the SMC junction box had special protection to prevent theft. Did prevent and restricted unauthorized tapping off your electric Connexions. a professional electrician could easily understand that the junction box is tapped. Many SMC junction box comes with an alarm system, tamper-proof screws, full seam welding, and lid tamper switches for extra protection of the junction boxes. 
  • A long life span: This SMC junction box can last for a long time. They required no extra protection or coating. Though, sometimes wires can be upgraded according to the additional junctions or larger cables. The real wire remains in a good condition, and there is no need to replace the entire box that reduces the maintenance costs of the junction box.
  • Safety measures: The junction box engulfs sparks in the overloading of electric supply in some cases. This feature of the junction box prevents contact with combustible elements that cause an accidental fire. Most SMC junction boxes also come with a switch that allows you to shut down the connection in case of emergencies.


SMC junction boxes are one of the best options for electrification in offices and homes. Poor thing leakage of current and conduction of electricity is one of the main reasons for fire accidents and death. Therefore, SMC junction boxes are meant to accommodate the wiring junction and let them connect to the central supply. They are the most practical devices to ensure security and safety to the occupants of the residential buildings. It is important to get in touch with a reliable provider of CMC junction boxes for your home or factories. Once you install SMC junction boxes, you need not think about the wire for years to come.

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