What Is RCD, RCB, Or RCCB?

31st Jan 2022

What is RCD?

Often short circuits happen in households. In most cases when a circuit is cut by any reason or produces a loop with itself, then too much current starts flowing. This incident is known as a short circuit.

When a short circuit happens, as too much current starts flowing, it can cause damage to electrical machines, can be a reason for electrical shock due to touching, or can cause a fire. That’s why protecting your house from these unwanted guests is required. To do this, RCD can help you out. Residual Current Device will protect your house.

Definition of RCD

RCD or Residual Current Device is an electrical instrument whose prime function is to cut the connection when a short circuit is being spotted. When a short circuit and leakage is being found, it cuts the connection from the spotted area of electrocution and electrical fire with the electrical devices. Thus the area is being separated and can’t harm anything else.

What’s The Working Function of Residual Current Device?

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