What Is The Function Of Main Distribution Board?

08th Feb 2022

The definition of the Distribution Box The “distribution box”, additionally known as distribution cupboard, could be a general term for the control center. The distribution box could be a low-tension power distribution device that assembles with switchgear, activity instruments, protection appliances, and off-line equipment in an exceedingly closed or semi-closed metal cupboard or on a screen in keeping with electrical wiring necessities. The main operate of the distribution box 

The Main Function Of The Distribution Box

The main functions square measure “power generation”, “transmission”, “transformer”, “distribution”, the primary invariably being power generation, once the transformer, then the ability provided. Once the high voltage is modified to high voltage, it’s transported to numerous places, and once the voltage electrical device is modified step by step to the voltage we’d like, and eventually to the electrical instrumentality transported through the distribution instrumentality.

The distribution box could be a new sort of comprehensive management box that integrates power distribution, mensuration, protection, control, and reactive power advantage. Generally, it constitutes a low-tension distribution box that needs switchgear, activity instruments, protection appliances and off-line equipment to be assembled in an exceedingly closed or semi-closed metal cupboard. In traditional operation, the circuits are connected or disconnected by means of manual or automatic switches. 

It is convenient for management and for overhauling just in case of faults. The distribution box and distribution cupboard, distribution board, distribution vouchers, etc., square measure complete sets of devices like switches and meters put in centrally. In common, the distribution box has a wood and iron plate system, currently, wherever the electricity consumption is sort of giant, the iron is far more useful.

The aim of the distribution box: to facilitate the stop, send power and judgment stop, send power roles, and so on. The distribution box consists of a switch, wire, shell, a different distribution box, and additionally, its internal structure is different. The main purpose of the distribution box is to modernize the ability so that the enterprise’s power is centralized and administrator management. 

The main parts of the distribution box 

 (1) Complete components: i.e., distribution box shell and its connected accessories. 

(2) Electrical elements and connected accessories: i.e. air switches and their needed accessories. Second, the cupboard consists of the subsequent parts: 

Circuit Breakers Circuit breaker: most of the distribution cupboard, there square measure air switches. discharge switch. twin power automatic transfer switches square measure used unremarkably. Air switches, additionally called air circuit breakers, square measure accustomed activate, off, and carry the rated in operation current, contact, overload, and different fault currents in an exceeding circuit, and square measure capable of space breaking the circuit for reliable protection within the event of overload, contact or below voltage within the circuit and cargo.

Various sorts of dynamic and static contacts and get in touch with bars of circuit breakers square measure designed, however, the braking capability of the circuit breakers is the main thing. At present, the current-limiting principle of employing a sure contact structure to limit the height short-circuit current throughout braking has an understandable result on up the braking capability of the fuse, and is widely used. 

Principle Of Operation Of Air Switches.

 An automatic air switch additionally called a low-tension fuse, is accustomed to activate and offload circuits, furthermore on management motors that begin sometimes. Its operation has a total of a few working procedures of switches, relays of overcurrent, thermal relays, relays that have voltage loss,  and discharge protectors, and it’s a very important protection appliance in low-tension power distribution networks.

The automatic air switch is widely used thanks to its multiple protection functions (overload, short-circuit, under-voltage protection, etc.), adjustable action price, high breaking capability, straightforward operation, and safety.

Leakage Protection Switch

The conception of discharge protection switch. The main operation of the discharge guardian is to confirm the protection of the anatomy by tripping once someone bites a charged device; the discharge guardian also will trip if the electricity-using instrumentality is poorly insulated and leaks into the shell to prevent electrocution from touching of the human body.

Operating Principle Of The Discharge Protection Switch.

The gonadotrophic hormone could be a zero-sequence current electrical device consisting of a Permalloy core and a secondary winding wound on a solid core as a detection element. The first winding of the zero-sequence current electrical device is formed from an influence section and neutral conductor through a spherical hole. The rear exit of the electrical device is that the protection varies. The operation of the discharge Protection Switch. 

(1) once there’s a discharge or grounding fault in electrical instrumentality or wiring, the ability is discontinued before someone touches it.

 (2) once the anatomy touches charged objects, it will discontinue the ability provided at intervals 011s, thus reducing the degree of harm caused by the present to the anatomy. 

(3) It will stop heart accidents caused by electricity discharge. 

Twin Power Automatic Transfer Switch

The dual power provide automatic transfer switch is an associate automatic switch system for the ability provide, once the primary road failure, the twin power provide automatic transfer switch mechanically switches to the second road to provide power to the load, the second road failure, the twin power provide automatic transfer switch mechanically switches to the primary road


 Nowadays, we’d like electric power everywhere, and therefore the distribution board is a very important part of the electrical system, each in high and low voltage. Everyone has to understand some basic information to avoid some emergency happening. That was today’s article. Thanks for reading.


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