Can You Use Plastic Junction Box Outside?

11th Apr 2023

Gone are the days when only metal junction boxes were used for outdoor installation. Nowadays, most people are using plastic junction boxes because it is cheap, affordable, and waterproof.

Plastic junction boxes are made of strong PVC plastic material for durability. It is lightweight and easy to install.

However, there are still many people who are skeptical about using plastic junction boxes outside. Well, the thing with plastic junction boxes is that you can’t use them in some situations. 

If you want to know whether you can use a plastic junction box outside, follow this guide.

TJB4 ABS Junction Box

What Is A Plastic Junction Box?

It is an electrical junction box that is made of plastic material rather than metal. It is used to connect the ends of a wire in order to create an electrical connection. 

It is usually made out of plastic because it is a very durable material and can withstand a lot of stress and heat. In this type of junction box, the box as well as cover plate both are made of plastic.

There are many different uses for a plastic electrical box. These plastic electrical box wiring fixtures are most commonly used in residential homes because they can be bought very cheaply and then painted in any color that you want, which gives them a very good look. 

They are also very convenient to use because the wires do not have to be hidden away behind some sort of covering device like metal. It is very easy to install.

If you install a plastic electrical box wiring fixture in your home, then you will find that your electricity can be much safer because the wires are much closer to the ground, and the risk of a power surge or short circuit is greatly reduced.

Another great thing about a plastic electrical junction box is that it can be purchased very inexpensively, and therefore widely available. 

Because there are a wide variety of different colors and styles, you can match your box to the exterior of your home just as easily as you would match your paint or your siding. 

Using Plastic Junction Box Outside:

You can use a plastic junction box outside of your home. However, the only thing you need to make sure of is that there is no metal conduit. If the pipes are made of metal, you cannot use a plastic junction box.

With these junction boxes, you need to use PVC pipes. Apart from that, the wiring runs should not be exposed. You cannot use a plastic electrical box if the wiring runs are open. 

You need to cover the end of the wire with tape in order to use a plastic junction box. If you meet these two conditions, you can easily use a plastic junction box outside.

In fact, there are many advantages of using plastic junction boxes outside the house. 

The plastic electrical box has lots of features compared to other traditional electrical boxes, and it is also lightweight so that it is easy to carry from place to place. 

These boxes are made from strong plastic and last for a long time. Plastic electrical boxes are designed to withstand all weather conditions, and they are completely maintenance-free. 

They are flexible, and they are very easy to install. They are specially designed to fit the power points of your home and to work effectively and safely in any weather conditions. 

On top of that, it is cheaper as well. You can easily purchase it at a cheaper rate. It is available in various colors and designs to match the aesthetics of your house. It is not only weatherproof but waterproof as well.

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