Why you need an automatic transfer switch

15th Oct 2023

Losing electricity is a big no-no especially if you work in the office or at home, have a business, or simply rely on electricity for your daily needs. You would need to have at least one backup power source in case the main one fails. But how can you switch from your main to a backup power source? This is where an Automatic Transfer Switch comes in.

An automatic Transfer Switch, simply known as ATS, is an electrical device that enables you to automatically switch between your primary power source to an alternative one and vice versa.

Main reasons why you need an ATS

HGLD Double Power Automatic Changeover Switch HGLD-400A 4P
  • Ensuring Power Reliability

Nowadays, we are continuously getting more reliant on electrical devices. This means that having a reliable power supply is a must.

ATS ensures you have a constant supply of electricity by automatically switching to a backup source whenever needed.

  • Emergency Preparedness

Power systems are especially vulnerable when we need them the most: during emergencies and disasters. ATS ensures that critical systems stay operational during these situations.

  • Convenience and Automation

Switching to a backup power source can be a hassle, especially during critical situations. Having an ATS eliminates the need for manual intervention during power outages.

  • Protecting Sensitive Equipment

Power fluctuations can damage sensitive electrical equipment such as appliances.

ATS continually monitors the power supply to determine whether a backup source is needed.

  • Cost Savings

An unstable power supply can hurt businesses badly as it can drive away potential customers.  It can also reduce the lifespan of electrical equipment and make repair more frequent.

The investment you can make in a good ATS system far outweighs the potential costs of an unreliable power supply.

Main considerations when choosing an ATS system

  • Amperage

Amperage refers to the electrical current measured in amperes. Switches come in a range of amperes, typically from 50 amps to 2000 amps.

The amperage of the transfer switch should match the size of the electrical panel’s main breaker to ensure efficient and safe operation.

  • Ratings

There are various types of ratings used for transfer switches. One of the most commonly used is the ingress protection or the IP code.

The IP code indicates the device’s protection capability against water and dust. Generally speaking, the higher the numbers are in the code, the more well-protected the device is.

  • Voltage

An ATS is a device that can connect to two different power sources. Therefore, it must be able to handle the increase in voltage.

Investing in an ATS is the best choice not just for convenience but also for the profitability of businesses and for safety during emergency situations.

You can’t go wrong with the TOSUNlux TSMQ6 Double Power Automatic Changeover Switch TSMQ6-63. It is suitable for terminal-type double-circuit power supply systems with 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage 220V(2P), 380V(3P, 4P), and rated current 10A~63A. With this, switching between power supplies would be a breeze.

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