TOSUNlux LED indicator is the perfect solution for your electrical control panel needs, providing reliable and customizable illumination options to ensure clear and efficient communication of your system’s status.

TOSUNlux Led Indicator

If you are looking for a reliable and customizable LED indicator for your electrical control panel needs, the TOSUNlux LED Indicator AD22-22DS is a good choice.

You can choose from white, blue, yellow, red or green, and it has a rated insulation voltage of 500 V. The product is known for its high brightness, reliability and aesthetic appearance, and it has a protection rating of up to IP67.

The TOSUNlux LED indicator AD22-22DS features a modular design that allows for easy installation and customization to your specific needs. The four clips design offers secure and easy installation, providing stability and reliability in various applications. It is also built to last, with LED lighting life up to 3000 hours and neon lighting life up to 2000 hours.

TOSUNlux Led Indicator Collection

The TOSUNlux LED indicator is a high-quality and reliable product that provides clear and bright illumination

Why Choose TOSUNlux Brand?

Multiple Product Lines

TOSUNlux offers a range of low voltage electrical and lighting products. Their product categories include panels, IP65 waterproof distribution boards for PV combiner boxes, high breaking capacity 6kA miniature circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers, and more

Quality and Certification

TOSUNlux has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and a lot of their products have international quality approvals like CE, CB, TUV, IRAM, and more

International Shipping

TOSUNlux products have been provided to 93 countries and regions around the world. They are available for purchase on ManoMano, an online marketplace that offers fast delivery everywhere in the UK

Professional Team Members

TOSUNlux has a professional network combined of several companies and branches for manufacturing, quality inspection, product R&D, brand promotion, and international trading. This can help to ensure that customers receive high-quality products and services.

Perfect dealer system

We understand the demands of the marketplace and work closely with our distributors to provide high-quality customer service and support. Our perfect dealer system enables us to build strong relationships with our partners and provide seamless product delivery to our customers.

One-stop purchase

TOSUNlux offers a wide range of low-voltage electrical distribution products and lighting products, making it a convenient one-stop-shop for all your needs

About TOSUNlux

TOSUNlux is a manufacturer of LED indicators, which are high quality lighting products commonly used to indicate and display different states and operations.

We offer LED Indicator AD22-W/D, It has clear instructions, two-color function, easy installation, durability and a wide range of application possibilities. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient lighting solution, it is a good choice.

Quality and Certification

We’re Here To
All Your Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Led Indicator

The working principle of LED indicator is electroluminescence. They are made of semiconductor materials, and when an electric current passes through them, electrons and holes in the semiconductor material recombine and release energy in the form of visible light. LED indicators are energy efficient and have a long life. Different materials and designs, they can produce a variety of colors, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

LED indicators are known for their energy efficiency and low power consumption. On average, LED indicators typically use about 0.1 to 2 watts of power. Actual power consumption may vary depending on the specific design, brightness, and color of the LED indicator. Leds consume much less energy than traditional incandescent lamps, making them the indicators of choice in terms of power efficiency and longevity.

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TOSUNlux offers a range of led indicators, which are widely used in a variety of applications requiring visual reminders, among which the led Flash buzzer AD22-22M/r is a multi-function device, it is a 22mm LED indicator with a flashing buzzer, which can be used in industrial automation. Security systems and other systems that require visual and auditory alerts. The TOSUNlux LED Flash Buzzer AD22-22M/r is a reliable and cost-effective solution to meet your alarm needs.

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TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

The Complete Guide to Led Indicator

what is led indicators?

LED indicators are small electronic devices that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide visual alerts.

types of led indicator

There are various types of TOSUNlux LED indicators available in the market. Here are some of the common types: LED flash buzzers/LED tower lights/LED light guides

how to select the right LED indicator:

Consider the voltage requirements of your application and select an LED indicator that matches it.
Choose the color of the LED indicator that best suits your application’s needs.
Select the size of the LED indicator that fits your application’s space requirements.
Determine the level of brightness you need and select an LED indicator that provides the right level of brightness.

work principle of LED indicators

LED indicators work by converting electrical energy into light. When an electric current is applied to the LED, it emits light. The color of the light depends on the type of LED used.

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