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TOSUNlux Solar PV Surge Protector

Solar PV Surge Protectors are a crucial safety component for large-scale solar power installations. Without this protection, equipment powered by the panels could suffer irreparable damage from sudden voltage spikes.

Available in 2 or 3 pole configurations, these protectors feature advanced tripping and breaking technology and a pluggable design that allows for easy installation and removal without disrupting the system.

Our Solar PV Surge Protector armed with the prestigious CE, CE, and UKCA certifications from INTERTEK and has aced the INTERTEK DC600V certification test with flying colors!

Rely on TOSUN for cutting-edge surge protection solutions that are certified to deliver unmatched performance.

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TOSUNlux’s Low Voltage Products and Systems meet the needs of users for power, safety, and convenience. They consistently demonstrate their reliability in residential and commercial buildings, industry, power plants, machinery, and equipment of all kinds across the globe.

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TOSUNlux is a leading provider of electrical solutions, including Solar PV Surge Protectors. Our products are designed to meet the needs of our clients and provide reliable protection for their solar power systems. With our innovative technology and commitment to quality, we are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our customers. Whether you are looking for a Solar PV Surge Protector or other electrical products, TOSUNlux has the expertise and experience to help you find the right solution for your needs.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Solar PV Surge Protector:

PV systems have distinct features that necessitate the use of specially designed SPDs. These systems can have high DC voltages up to 1200 volts, and SPDs can safeguard them from lightning strikes and other electrical surges.

Solar PV surge protectors safeguard photovoltaic systems from overvoltages that can reduce their lifespan or cause failure. Surge protection is crucial for both the AC and DC sides of the system. Surge protectors redirect excess electricity from the power line into a grounding wire through a metal oxide varistor (MOV). Surge protection devices (SPDs) must meet specific requirements to ensure uninterrupted operation and energy generation in PV plants. Proper selection and sizing of SPDs provide optimal protection and longevity.

Surge protectors for solar PV systems differ from those for traditional electrical systems due to the unique characteristics of PV systems. These systems can have high DC voltages up to 1200 volts, much higher than traditional electrical systems. Surge protectors for solar PV systems protect sensitive equipment from overvoltages that can reduce their lifespan or cause failure. Solar panels are particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes due to their large surface area and exposed placement. SPDs are available for all solar array components and use metal oxide varistors (MOV) and other advanced equipment to divert surge overvoltages to grounding.

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Solar PV Surge Protectors safeguard solar power systems from power surges caused by lightning strikes, grid switching, or power grid malfunctions. Without surge protection, equipment drawing energy from the panels could be irreparably damaged by a sudden voltage spike.

A Solar PV Surge Protector is typically installed in the electrical panel or near the solar power system and connected to the system and ground to provide a safe path for excess voltage to be diverted away from the system. This protects the system from damage and ensures its continued proper functioning.

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What is Solar PV Surge Protector?

Solar panels are vulnerable to power surges caused by lightning strikes due to their exposed placement and large surface areas. These surges can result in equipment malfunction or property damage. High-performance solar surge protection eliminates disturbances, downtime, and repair/replacement costs, ensuring reliable and efficient operation of commercial or residential systems.”

Types of Solar PV Surge Protector

Surge protection is an integral element of solar panel systems. Without it, electrical surges can wreak havoc on your panels and inverters, as well as circuit control and energy storage devices.

  • AC Surge Protectors

Power surges are sudden spikes of high voltage that can damage sensitive electronic equipment like computers and televisions, as well as disrupt telephone and cable lines.

Many homes and businesses install surge protection for heavy-use devices, such as air conditioning units, air fryers, microwave ovens, and washing machines. Unfortunately, these appliances may still be exposed to electricity from a mains-powered supply – leaving them susceptible to sudden spikes in voltage.

  • DC Surge Protectors

DC Surge Protectors are essential elements of solar power systems. They divert voltage surges away from sensitive equipment to avoid damage or destruction.

A reliable solar DC surge protector will shield the PV system’s generator and conversion equipment from overvoltages caused by lightning strikes or network disturbances. These devices should be installed upstream of the equipment they’re protecting so that excess voltage can be diverted away from sensitive electronics before it causes any harm.

Working Principles of Solar PV Surge Protector

Surge protection is crucial in the electrical power industry to prevent voltage spikes from damaging equipment and causing system downtime. A surge protector is essential for optimal functioning of solar systems.

The most common surge protection for solar applications is the SPD (surge protection device). These devices have high and low impedance states and can be plugged into AC or DC lines of a PV system. When voltage exceeds the SPD’s design limit, it enters a low-impedance state and diverts the voltage to ground before resetting to a high-impedance state.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar PV Surge Protectors

PV systems are vulnerable to lightning and AC utility switching transients, both direct and indirect. These voltage spikes can damage equipment and result in system outages.

Solar panel surge protection devices (SPDs) help mitigate the effects of transient overvoltages and prevent catastrophic failure. Unfortunately, they are expensive to install and run.

  • Cost

PV surge protection systems are typically a small component of the total cost of a solar power system, falling under non-module and inverter hardware, installation expenses, and soft costs such as operations and maintenance.

When installing an SPD in a solar power system, it should be placed close to the equipment for maximum protection from incoming overvoltage spikes. Doing this prevents damage to circuits and the inverter; additionally, labor and maintenance costs are minimized.

  • Efficiency

A surge protector for a solar PV system is essential equipment that guarantees the reliability and safety of its panels and inverter. Without adequate protection, lightning or other electrical surges can damage sensitive electronics and render them unusable.

The efficiency of a solar PV system depends on its capacity to sustain power production for extended periods and remain functional even after disruptions. The longer a PV system can remain unharmed by lightning or other damages, the more electricity it generates.

  • Safety

Solar PV Surge Protectors are an essential safety element for any large-scale solar power installation. Without surge protection, all equipment that draws energy from the panels could be irreparably damaged by an abrupt voltage spike.

Even if the system itself is undamaged, you may need to replace its components or repair its equipment in order to avoid financial losses. Even if it appears that there are no damages done, replacing components or repairing equipment could potentially result in significant financial costs.

  • Installation

Surge protection is an essential component of any solar PV installation, protecting sensitive equipment from overvoltage damage which could result in hardware malfunctioning and reduced output. Without it, a system’s output could suffer greatly as a result.

If you are considering installing a solar power system, it is essential to understand why surge protection is necessary and how to install it.

LSP strongly suggests installing surge protection on each solar panel’s DC output, at the combiner box for multiple panels, and at the inverter.

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