Wiring Duct Types You Need to Know

03rd Jan 2024

Telecommunication and electrical installations require a lot of cables and wires. To keep them organized, a wiring duct is typically used.

But there’s more to wiring ducts than organizing cables; they also reduce the risk of fires, shield the cables from impact and moisture, and ensure safety from short circuits and electrical shocks.

Wiring ducts come in several types and each of them has been designed to meet specific needs:

Solid Wall Wiring Duct

Solid wall wiring ducts are characterized by a smooth, solid construction. They don’t have any slots which means maximum protection for cables and wires.

They are often used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial settings where heavy-duty protection is required. They are also used in situations where the wires don’t need to be regularly changed.

Slotted Wall Wiring Duct

Slotted wall wiring ducts have openings or slots along one or both sides. These slots facilitate easy insertion and removal of cables while maintaining a neat and organized appearance.

This type of wiring duct is best used for applications where cables need to be frequently changed or added such as data centers, server rooms, and telecommunications facilities.

Narrow Slot Wiring Duct

Narrow slot wiring ducts have smaller slots compared to slotted wall ducts. They are designed to be used with smaller cables and where space is limited.

You can often see them in control panels, electrical cabinets, and equipment enclosures in confined spaces and areas with limited access.

Wide Slot Wiring Duct

A wide slot wiring duct features larger openings, making them suitable for managing bulkier cables or a higher quantity of cables.

They are Ideal for applications with large and heavy cables, such as power distribution systems, industrial machinery, and control systems.

Closed Slot Wiring Duct

Closed slot wiring ducts have a fully enclosed design, providing additional protection and security for cables. They prevent dust and debris from entering which is why they are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing, semiconductor production, research laboratories, and industries that require a controlled environment.

Round Wiring Duct

Round wiring ducts feature a circular cross-section, accommodating cables in a spiral arrangement. This design is useful in situations where flexibility and ease of installation are essential.

Thus, they are often used in automotive wiring, home theaters, and other applications where the cables need to be routed along curved paths.

Manage Cables and Wires with Ease

Choosing the right type of wiring duct is essential for ensuring the efficiency, safety, and longevity of electrical and communication systems. Whether in industrial settings, data centers, or cleanroom environments, the versatility of wiring ducts makes them an important component in modern electrical installations.

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