What Are The Advantages Of Using Low Voltage Circuit Breakers?

08th Feb 2022

What is a Low Voltage Circuit Breaker?

Usually, when a high load of voltage is being drawn, no machine can control that. In the case of short circuits or loops or lightning, millions of volts strike the power supply. In that case, eventually, a high voltage touches the system as there is no resistance.

To provide that resistance, circuit breakers are being used. How does it work? It is very simple. When a high voltage passes through an electric connection, up to a certain range it is allowed by a circuit breaker. But at once a certain range is covered, it will cut the connection with the main supply. So, it doesn’t matter what the range of the electricity is, it will be saved.

Now there are two categories of circuit breakers. One is a high voltage circuit breaker and another is a low voltage circuit breaker. Let’s see what’s the difference.

High Voltage Circuit Breaker Vs Low Voltage Circuit Breaker

The basic difference between high voltage and low voltage circuit breakers in the range of the voltage. When the voltage limit is fixed up to 1000 volt, then it’s a low voltage circuit breaker. When the voltage ratio can be extended more than 1000 volt, then it’s a high voltage circuit breaker. Because of several great benefits, it is being highly used in residential areas. Let’s see what are the beneficial reasons.

What Are The Advantages of Using Low Voltage Circuit Breakers?

  • As already mentioned in the definition a low voltage circuit breaker has a voltage range of 1000 volt. But it has current tolerating power too. Like it can withstand 630 Amp to 6300 Amp. Not all low voltage circuit breakers can do it. Various circuit breakers are available according to ranges.
  • The temperature must be an issue for this Low voltage circuit breaker. When it comes to current and circuit boards, different levels of temperature can be seen. So, you just need a device that can tolerate both low temperature and high temperature. LVCB can tolerate it.
  • The Low Voltage Circuit Breaker has a different level of technology. Though one main program is being set, every year a little up-gradation can be seen here. Their prime focus is taking care of internal protection. Communication inside the elements of the device is also being improved day by day.
  • According to modern technologies, because of using strong elements the lifespan of the LVCB is high. As the voltage and current range are lower than the high voltage circuit breaker, it can’t tolerate so many breaks. Even though the number of tolerating is low, comparatively it can bear some extra breaks.
  • There is another perfect reason for a Low Voltage Circuit Breaker to last long. It has two special trips on it. Those are thermomagnetic and electronic trips. As more of the new technologies are being seen on the device, these trips are helping to last the circuit breaker. Nowadays all the low voltage circuit breakers have trip protection in them.
  • Many uncertain incidents like overcurrent, overvoltage, phase asymmetry are being controlled by this device. So it must be transparent to the application. A well-performed power distribution capability is important so that it can give a fast response to the incidents.
  • Some beneficial Accessories are being used in the configuration. Like if you focus on the parts, it has both electrical and mechanical elements in it. Spring charge motors, shunt trips, mechanical interlocks, extension busbars, under-voltage release, and all other upgraded parts are being used. At first, when a low voltage circuit breaker was prepared, not too many ingredients were there. But now, according to the importance and by judging the circumstances, a wide number of elements are being used.
  • In this device, the fixed and withdrawals are being set properly. As it has to bear only 1000 volt, the device doesn’t need the configuration like a high voltage circuit breaker. But it has been provided with the necessary support. Like, when the LVCB was first prepared, the fixed and withdrawals were small. But now, these are made comparatively large to withstand and last long.
  • The Low voltage circuit breaker can be installed anywhere easily. Some easy steps and the basic knowledge of wiring can help you out. The most interesting part about LVCB is, it can be installed horizontally, vertically, and like other ways you want.
  • As the function of a circuit breaker is to protect the other devices, it needs to be strong. It needs to be strong enough that it won’t allow hampering any parts inside itself too. Like many circuit breakers were functioning one time firstly. Those were getting destroyed after bearing one pressure attack. But nowadays, low voltage circuit breakers are made of strong elements, so that they won’t affect the internal parts.
  • A low voltage circuit breaker is very sensitive to the short circuit. A short circuit is one kind of loop that produces high current flow. Generally, it can be fatal as well as destroy all other electrical instruments. So the best way to get rid of it is, installing a low voltage circuit breaker. Sensitive parts are being installed in it that’s why it can detect the fault before it could be fatal.
  • Last but not the least, it needs very low maintenance. It is an open-type device. Any electrician with basic knowledge can repair it and build the configuration. Ask them to take care of the construction to make it long-lasting.


A low voltage circuit breaker is part of the electrical system of the house. Not only in residential areas but also in various industries, it is helping people to save Millions. Short circuits, technical faults, and some other problems can be solved with this single device. So don’t let your machines suffer the pain, and give them protection like a Low Voltage circuit breaker.

As new technologies are being applied every day, you need to upgrade yourself. You must give a check-up to your requirements, and then Select the device accordingly. It is recommended that you buy a high voltage circuit breaker in case of high voltage risks like lightning.

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