What Are Low Voltage Systems?

08th Feb 2022

Voltage is one of the most common terms used in electrical work. It is the pressure or force by which the current moves. For example, it forces the current to move through the wire to make electrical appliances work.

It is an electromotive force and is measured in volts (V). There is a standard voltage of electricity supplied to every household and industrial location in order to make electrical appliances work.

There are high voltage as well as low voltage systems available. Low voltage means that the electrical current force is low. Small electrical devices work on low voltage as the high current flow can damage and cause a short circuit.

Low voltage systems are used for residential as well as commercial purposes. If you want to know more about low voltage systems, follow this guide.

What Are Low Voltage Systems?

These are electrical systems and equipment that works on 50 V of electric power. Low voltages are available in 12 V, 24 V and 48 V. Any electrical systems that use these three voltages to function are known as low voltage systems.

Home security systems, doorbells, sensors and lighting are some equipment that uses less power. There are many residential as well as commercial electrical equipment which needs low voltage.

Most of the systems are used in households as not much electricity is needed. Low power-consuming appliances work on low voltage. It means, even if the power supply in your home is low, these appliances will work.

For commercial use, systems like fire protection, communication, and security systems use low voltage. When you purchase an electrical appliance, you can read the instructions manual to know how much voltage it needs. 

 A low voltage system consists of a transformer, a circuit breaker, a fuse box, switch, etc.

You can purchase these systems from companies that deal in emergency systems. Most companies have the necessary equipment for low voltage systems, such as emergency pumps, circuit breakers, and a control panel. 

Low voltage systems are used in many cases where a power failure occurs because of structural damage, flooding, or fire. These types of systems are sometimes installed in buildings where mass notification systems are not feasible, such as steel buildings and pre-engineered structures. 

Types of Low Voltage Systems:

Here are some of the most common types of low voltage systems available in the market.

  • Security Systems: Building security is important to protect your staff and to prevent vandalism and theft. The low voltage security systems consist of CCTV cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, etc.
  • Fire Protection Systems: When it comes to protecting one’s home from electrical fires, it is best to use low voltage fire protection systems. These can be installed in a number of different ways. Fire alarms and fire suppression systems are some examples. 
  • Sound & Communication Systems: Low voltage communication systems are very valuable. We need them for everything from the electric company to the federal government and everything in between. Wireless clocks, intercom systems, mass notification systems are some examples of sound and communication systems that use low voltage. 
  • Networking Systems: Low voltage network systems provide several distinct advantages over traditional Ethernet networking in both the office and home arena. Some examples of low voltage networking systems are wireless connectivity and structured cabling. 

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