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Reliable power distribution requires fail-safe protection. TOSUNlux HR16 Fuse Switch Disconnectors provide that critical last line of defense against electrical faults and overloads.

Cut power safely with a flick of the switch. Get visual disconnection for peace of mind when maintaining equipment.

TOSUNlux HR16 Fuse Switch Disconnector

The TOSUNlux HR16 fuse switch disconnector now boasts 6 test certificates from INTERTEK, including CE, CB and UKCA, ensuring top-tier safety and reliability for your operations. This compact unit seamlessly integrates:

  • High short-circuit current rating, up to 630A
  • Suitable for high-power applications
  • Rugged & durable for harsh environments
  • AC and DC versions available
  • Compliant with IEC60947-3 standard

Specifically designed for new energy devices, the HR16 is perfect for use in photovoltaic systems, wind power installations, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Your Reliable Fuse Disconnector Supplier

Stringent Testing & Certifications

Each TOSUNlux disconnector undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee safety, from temperature rise to electromagnetic compatibility. Products meet all relevant IEC standards and carry CE certification.

Premium-Grade Materials

Constructed from high-quality anti-corrosive materials, our disconnectors provide lasting durability even in harsh environments. Reinforced polycarbonate enclosures protect internal components.

Compact, Space-Saving Design

Our innovative fuse disconnectors integrate multiple components into a single compact housing. This space-saving design allows installation even where room is limited.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Our disconnectors feature user-friendly operation with clear on/off switching and isolation indicators. This simplicity reduces the risk of accidents and errors during maintenance.

Expert Engineering Support

TOSUNlux’s team of experienced engineers provides professional technical support from product selection and sizing to custom modification requests.

Cost-Effective Performance

With our direct-from-manufacturer pricing and exceptional product quality, TOSUNlux delivers outstanding value. Our disconnectors provide reliable overcurrent protection at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

About TOSUNlux

TOSUNlux is a leading global manufacturer specializing in low-voltage electrical disconnection and protection solutions. Our comprehensive product range includes fuse disconnectors, switch disconnectors, changeover switches, and more for industrial and utility applications.

Our state-of-the-art facilities produce over 2 million units annually, exporting high-quality disconnectors to over 43 countries worldwide. TOSUNlux combines cutting-edge R&D with stringent quality control to deliver innovative yet reliable low-voltage electrical products.

Quality and Certification

FAQ About
Fuse Disconnector

Here are some frequently asked questions about TOSUNlux Fuse Disconnector

A fuse switch disconnector provides overcurrent protection with a built-in fuse combined with a switch for visible isolation of the electrical circuit. It safely disconnects equipment from the power supply.

Fuse disconnectors are commonly used in low-voltage power distribution systems up to 690V for commercial, industrial, utility, and renewable energy applications as both main and branch circuit protection.

While both provide overcurrent protection, a fuse disconnector uses a fuse link that melts and has to be replaced after an overcurrent fault. A circuit breaker can be reset after tripping.

Size is determined by the maximum current rating required to protect the circuit. Also consider the short-circuit current rating, operating voltage, number of poles, and enclosure rating.

Yes, weatherproof enclosure options like TOSUNlux’s HR16 allow safe outdoor installation of fuse disconnectors for applications like solar farms and utility distribution.

One-Stop Solution To Electric

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Application of Fuse Disconnectors

HR16 Fuse Switch Disconnectors provide versatile overcurrent protection across industrial manufacturing, buildings, municipal facilities, agriculture, and renewable energy sites like solar farms. Their rugged construction and weatherproof enclosures allow reliable operation even in harsh environments.

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TOSUNlux has its own design team with a 5-people in-house design team, which provides 4-5 new series of products every year for our clients.

5 Reasons to Choose a Fuse Switch Disconnector for Electrical Safety

When it comes to preventing electrical fires, damage, and injuries, having reliable overcurrent protection is essential. While circuit breakers are a common solution, fuse switch disconnectors offer key advantages that make them preferable for many commercial and industrial applications.

Visible Isolation Indication

One of the biggest benefits of a fuse disconnector is the visible isolation functionality. With a simple handle movement, you can physically separate the circuit from its power source and see the clear-off position indicator. This eliminates any doubt about whether the equipment is safely de-energized during maintenance or repairs.

Full Cable Isolation

Traditional fuse holders or circuit breakers still leave cabling and components energized even after disconnecting the load. A switch disconnector provides true full isolation by simultaneously disconnecting all lines, neutrals, and grounds. This greatly reduces arc flash risks during servicing.

High-Rupturing Capacity Fuse Protection

While breakers simply trip open a circuit, fuse disconnectors utilize high-rupturing capacity fuse links to create a physical air gap that fully isolates the overload fault. This air gap prevents any possibility of a restrike across the open circuit, increasing protection.

Simplified Switching

Rather than having to locate and operate separate disconnect switches and fuse holders, a fuse switch disconnector integrates both isolation and overcurrent protection into one convenient unit. This simplifies operation while also saving valuable installation space and costs.

Clear Indication After Fault

If a fuse blows due to an overcurrent event, the disconnector will show the isolated, tripped position and the blown fuse is simple to locate and replace. With a circuit breaker, there’s no easy way to identify the root cause of the fault unless additional diagnostics are performed.

For industrial equipment, utility power distribution, and safety-critical applications, a quality fuse switch disconnector provides an all-in-one solution for overcurrent protection with the visible isolation assurance you need. Explore TOSUNlux’s innovative line of HR16 disconnectors to safeguard your electrical systems.

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