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TOSUN Waterproof Distribution Box,The Real IP65 Box

Waterproof Panel Board
Waterproof Panel Board

Quality Assurance

  • Standard IP65 waterproof

    The HA distribution board is IP65 waterproof, which was certified by SGS.

  • Anti-UV

    The casing is made from anti-UV ABS and PC. The HA distribution board is durable enough for long time outdoor use.

  • Flame retardant

    To protect the devices and ensure safety, fame retardant material is adopted.

Product Description

TOSUN real IP65 HA distribution board is the best protection for your outdoor devices.

Product Features

  • Strong cover seals the box tightly
  • Waterproof cover to prevent water entering through the hole
  • Specially designed rubber stops water entering from the window
  • No water enters through possible gap between the top and bottom with the rubber ring
  • After installation, this cover is used to keep out water
Waterproof Panel Board
Waterproof Panel Board
Solar business Solution

Solar PV Combiner Box

TS-PV series solar PV combiner box provides a means of combining multiple source circuits from a PV array into a single or multiple DC output.

  • The IP65 design is used for outdoor installation.
  • MC4 compatible input/output connectors for easy installation.
  • DC fuse for each PV string with fuse link meets PV standard.
  • DC isolator or DC MCB for isolation and over-voltage protection with the inside operation.
  • Anti-lighting and surge protector only for PV.
  • Channel 6 sets of input/input connectors.
  • The enclosure is made from PC and ABS, anti-UV.

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