Product Innovation

TOSUN Waterproof Distribution Box,The Real IP65 Box

Quality Assurance

  • Standard IP65 waterproof

    The HA distribution board is IP65 waterproof, which was certified by SGS.

  • Anti-UV

    The casing is made from anti-UV ABS and PC. The HA distribution board is durable enough for long time outdoor use.

  • Flame retardant

    To protect the devices and ensure safety, fame retardant material is adopted.


TOSUN real IP65 HA distribution board is the best protection for your outdoor devices.

Product Features

  • Strong cover seals the box tightly
  • Waterproof cover to prevent water entering through the hole
  • Specially designed rubber stops water entering from the window
  • No water enters through possible gap between the top and bottom with the rubber ring
  • After installation, this cover is used to keep out water
Solar Business Solution

Solar PV Combiner Box

TS-PV series solar PV combiner box provides a means of combining multiple source circuits from a PV array into a single or multiple DC output.

  • The IP65 design is used for outdoor installation.
  • MC4 compatible input/output connectors for easy installation.
  • DC fuse for each PV string with fuse link meets PV standard.
  • DC isolator or DC MCB for isolation and over-voltage protection with the inside operation.
  • Anti-lighting and surge protector only for PV.
  • Channel 6 sets of input/input connectors.
  • The enclosure is made from PC and ABS, anti-UV.


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