Are Plastic Boxes Good For Long-Term Storage

08th Feb 2022

Plastic containers and their generation are today one of the most grown sectors of our economy. It can be easily said that every product sold today depends on plastic. The plastic containers have a sealing property that can seal the goods inside them and protect them from all damages. Currently, all over the world plastic containers were used for storage because of the following advantages:

  • Storage safety: For long-term storage, plastic is the best option to choose. Plastic breaks down much slower than cardboard or glass. Many plastic containers will remain as they are for decades. On the other hand, cardboard boxes break down after a few months of usage.
  • Plastic containers can be sealed: The lids of a plastic container are designed in such a manner that it can be sealed which prevent pests to attack the things inside it. Unlike wooden boxes, insects cannot eat plastics. Therefore, they will be safe and secure in a place. Rats also cannot chew the plastic. If they are looking for food inside the container then they must see Go for something easier to get into. This makes plastic containers pest-free.
  • Durability: Plastic containers do not affect them come in contact with water. Plastic can hold more weight than it can. You can use them for long-term storage for the things that you do not need for the time being.
  • The plastics are highly versatile that allows you to reuse and recycle. Today companies are manufacturing a special type of plastic bags and containers that will optimize the recycling capacity of plastic.
  • As mentioned above, plastic containers are easily recyclable and require less energy to produce compared to other packaging materials available. They can survive in extreme environments and do not degrade in cold or hot temperatures. Does preserving the genuine of food or beverage inside will be ready easy.
  • Plastics are more durable and lighter than glass. This feature of plastic makes transportation cheaper. Because there are fewer trips and less packaging material needed for the transportation of plastic, it leaves no carbon footprints. Moreover, plastics are more flexible than glass, which makes it easier to mold them according to the requirement.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that for long-term storage plastic containers are the best choice. They are durable, water-resistant, best resistant, and came in varieties of sizes depending on your requirement.

Though, when it comes to storing food in a plastic container, we must think twice before using it. When we have a party or an occasion in our home it is quite obvious that I will leave you with enough food leftovers for a few days. Possibilities are there that you will put all the food in a plastic container and put it in your refrigerator to be used over the next few days.

Not only that, we can easily see a plastic lunch box or a water bottle taken by our children to their school. Do we ever pay attention to the quality of these plastic containers and bottles and how they are manufactured? Just have a look in the bottom of your bottles or plastic containers, if you see the numbers three and seven, then it is releasing a chemical like BPA or PVC, which can adversely affect your health and hormone levels in your bloodstream.

It is not that every plastic container releases harmful chemicals into your body. Good quality containers with two, four, and five printed at the bottom are safe for food storage. Since it is quite tough to guarantee the quality of plastic where you purchase, some people stay away from using plastic completely. They prefer using a glass or a steel container instead.

There are particular points to be mindful while using plastic containers even if it is more high-grade plastic.

  • Avoid reheating food in a plastic container: Reheating of food in a plastic container can release a certain kind of chemical, which will change the nutrients of the food. It is always advised by doctors two not to keep hot or cooked food in a plastic container.
  • Try to keep plastic containers away from hot water: We often see washing anything with hot water gives the container a clean and stain-free finish. But in the case of plastic containers, washing with hot water or storing hot water in a plastic bottle is not at all a good idea. Pouring hot water in a plastic bottle or a container can release a chemical that can make the water bottle harmful to some extent.

Therefore, it is recommended to use alternatives to plastics such as glass or stainless steel. 

  • An airtight glass container: Glass is the best option for eating, storing, and transporting all kinds of foods and liquid. Glass containers are available in varieties of sizes and shapes including oval, square, and rectangle. The lead of the glass containers can be clip-on or stainless steel, which keeps your liquid-like sauce from leaking into your bags. You can easily wash glass containers in your dishwasher, as they will not degrade over time.
  • Stainless steel container: The next most used container material is stainless steel. They are long-lasting, durable, and double-walled containers. Some containers also come with a silicone seal for air tightness so that you can carry hot as well as cold food for long hours. You can easily transfer your leftover food to this container and reheat it on a gas stove for a future meal.


We can conclude from the above article that plastic has its advantages and disadvantages. As plastics are lighter and more durable, storing things in a plastic container can be the best choice. However, if we want to store food items in a plastic container then we should consider using alternatives to plastic. We also know that plastic is damaging our environment, especially the ocean, soil, and drinking water. Looking for alternatives is the best option for our health as well As for our environment.

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